Letter of Recommendation

Letter of faculty mentor's support

Student proposals for all URC-sponsored programs require a letter of support from a faculty mentor. This letter should include an evaluation of the student and his/her ability to carry out the planned project in the time allotted, an assessment of the project's importance within the field, and a description of the mentor's role in the project.  Summer Research Program mentors, in particular, are expected to be available to the Fellow on a continuing basis -- to meet regularly with the student(s), and to provide support and guidance in carrying out the research project and preparing a final report, poster, or other culminating project. 

Faculty Recommendation Forms can be downloaded here:

Faculty mentor recommendations for students applying for the Summer Research and/or Science Scholars program(s) must include the Faculty Recommendation form. 
In all cases, the Faculty recommendation form and/or letter may be:
  1. Submitted to the URC along with the student's application, or
  2. Confidentially mailed in hard copy form to the URC office (Campus Mail Stop F24), or
  3. Sent via email from the faculty member to urc@oxy.edu

Faculty letters sent directly to the URC will not be shared with the student.  If a recommendation letter is given directly to the student, the URC cannot promise to maintain confidentiality.