Mellon SRP Fellowships

Supported by a grant from the Mellon Foundation, the Arts & Urban Experience and the Arts & Technology Fellowships support students to participate in Occidental’s 10-week Summer Research Program.


Arts & Urban Experience: Supports students conducting original, arts-centric research. Research proposals should incorporate a tie-in to Los Angeles. Projects proposing collaboration with community partners, local arts organizations (archives, museums), and/or local arts practitioners are highly encouraged.

Arts & Technology: Supports students conducting arts-based projects related to the arts and technology. Projects proposing collaboration with faculty research projects, community partners, local arts organizations (archives, museums), and/or local arts practitioners are highly encouraged.


Fellows receive:

  • Study award of $4,500.
  • Subsidized on-campus room and board or an off-campus housing allowance based on financial need.
  • Candidates can apply for up to $400 in consumable materials necessary for their research projects.


Please direct any questions about the Mellon Student Research Fellowship to

Interested students should apply using the Summer Research Program Fellowship process. 

Applications are due on January 31, 2022.

Recent Recipients


Arts & Technology 

  • Britney Aboagye (Sociology ‘22) “Do It for the Culture: Black Cultural Agency in Social Media” [mentor: Benjamin Weiss]
  • Divya Prakash (CSLC, Cognitive Science ‘23) “Diachronic changes to journalistic orality: The (re)technologization of the word” [mentor: Jacob Mackey]
  • Julie Riley (MAC ‘21) “Art & Activism: Documentary Filmmaking and Collective Art as a Tool for Migrant Detention Abolition” [mentor: Broderick Fox]

Arts & Urban Experience

  • Wren Andres (Undeclared ‘24) “Freeway Construction and Human Displacement” [mentor: Amy Lyford]
  • Aria Devlin (UEP ‘21) “LA Stories: Intertwining the Built and the Natural Environments in Short Fiction” [mentor: Sarah Ostendorf]
  • Cassie Dutton (CSLC ‘23) “Techniques of Exposure: A Developing Ontology of Acting” [mentor: Damian Stocking]
  • Eliza Kirk (Philosophy ‘24) “Humanizing Healthcare: Studying the Implementation of the PPE Portrait Project at LAC+USC Medical Center” [mentor: Mary Beth Heffernan]
  • Johnna Munsen (DWA ‘22) “Interruptions! Printmaking as Resistance” [mentor: Linda Lyke]


Arts & Urban Experience

  • James Burwick (UEP ‘21) “Understanding the Cultural Significance of Used Bookstores in LA” [mentor: Sarah Ostendorf] 
  • Nora Fujita-Yuhas (Politics ‘21) “Art as a Tool of Resistance and Solidarity: Asian American Organizing in Los Angeles” [mentor: Katarzyna Marciniak]
  • Brenda Jackson (Music, UEP ‘21) “Creating Modern Spanglish Music: Latinx Musical Sound and Identity in Los Angeles” [mentor: Jongnic Bontemps]
  • Harrison Kallner (Art & Art History ‘21) “The Evolutions of Queer Censorship Within the Los Angeles Art Institutions” [mentor: Amy Lyford]
  • Mia Miranda Recio (CTSJ ‘21) “Punk Healing and Futurity: A Close Look at Art by Queer, Trans, Punks in Los Angeles” [mentor: Mary Christianakis]
  • Leslie Torres (MAC, CTSJ ‘21) “Skinny Brows and Think Eyeliner: An Exploration into the Appropriation of Latinx Make-Up” [mentor: Allison de Fren]
  • Yoshi Wainwright (MAC ‘21) “A Living Story Written in Stone: Reframing the Japanese Internment Narrative” [mentor: Broderick Fox]


Arts & Urban Experience

  • Brendan Galbreath (MAC ‘20), “Like Movies? Let’s Write One!: The Effects of Curated Screenwriting Instruction on Los Angeles Youth” [mentor: Broderick Fox]
  • Molly Kauffman (Theater ‘20), “23andMe and Me? - A Theatre Piece” [mentor: Sarah Kozinn]
  • Isabel Norsten (Art & Art History ‘20), “Constellations of Connectivity: Activating Instagram in the Art Museum” [mentor: Amy Lyford]
  • Sam Orlin (Art & Art History ‘21), “Northeast Los Angeles in color and black & white film photography” [mentors: Dan Fineman and Kelema Moses]
  • Yoshi Wainwright (MAC, CSLC ‘21), “American Hollow: A Filmmakers Story” [mentor: Aleem Hossain]


Arts & Urban Experience

  • Alex Duncan (Art & Art History ‘20), “Murals, Heritage, and Cultural Exchange between Cairo and Highland Park” [mentor: Eric Frank]
  • Nell Farrow (Art & Art History ‘19), “Fostering Community Through Creative-Based Women’s Organizations” [mentor: Julie Prebel]
  • Laura Searles (MAC ‘19), “The Fight for Legitimacy of “Meaningless” Music: Understanding Trap Through the Lens of Bebop” [mentor: David Kasunic]
  • Kendrick Shoji (MAC ‘20), “The Greatest Documentary” [mentor: Ari Laskin]