For Faculty & Staff

Information on Occidental’s planning for Fall 2021 for employees.

Updated 9/30/21

Health & Safety

Symptom Management

Being fully in-person this semester, in combination with the change of seasons, means that we fully expect to see an increase in cold and flu symptoms—symptoms that can also be consistent with COVID. It is important that anyone experiencing symptoms test for COVID-19 to either identify or rule out COVID to minimize the chance of community spread.

  • FOR EMPLOYEES: If you are experiencing any symptoms, stay home. If you remain symptomatic for 24 hours, please see your Primary Care Provider and get a COVID-19 test at an off-site facility. Please send your test results to Emmons. You should not come to campus if you remain symptomatic. If you are unable to get tested off campus, please come to the AGC COVID testing facility. If you are coming to campus for testing, you are only permitted to come to campus to get tested and should not go to your office or interact with any other Oxy community members.   

Exposure Management

When there are COVID cases on campus, it is important that students, faculty and staff are aware of how the College manages cases, a process known as “exposure management,” a term used to describe the processes that an organization follows when a positive COVID case is detected. Effective exposure management plans are important to contain spread and prevent single cases from becoming outbreaks.

Working Remotely vs. On Campus

Staff who have been working remotely over the past year will gradually transition back to regular, in-person operations. Our goal is to bring back employees gradually based on our need to support summer operations and fall preparations, beginning on a small scale in May 2021 and continuing throughout the summer, with most employees back on campus by mid-August.

The College has developed a new remote work policy, effective August 15, 2021, that provides non-faculty staff and administrators with new flexibility, when feasible, to perform certain work remotely. As a residential liberal arts college, the workplace culture of Oxy is rooted in face-to-face collaboration, exceptional service, and a connected community. Maintaining this culture is centered on employees regularly being on campus and interacting with other community members. Any remote work arrangement must maintain the service level provided to students and the community that would be provided in an on-campus working arrangement, consistent with the fundamental philosophy of Oxy as a small, close-knit, residential community. Many positions or functions within them are not amenable to remote work and require a physical presence. But in some circumstances and depending on the nature of an employee’s position, remote work may be a viable option.

View Oxy's full remote work policy for more information and to download the forms for requesting remote work arrangements.

Occidental College Community Compact

Each semester we ask the Oxy community to renew its commitment to take the necessary steps to protect ourselves and each other during the pandemic. The Occidental College Community Compact provides guidance to staff and faculty of the expectations they are to follow as it pertains to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a separate student compact that supplements the Student Code of Conduct.

Recordings of All-Staff Meetings

Recordings of this summer’s all-staff webinars with President Elam and senior staff are posted on the Work-Related section of MyOxy. Note that depending on what Oxy services you are already logged into in your browser, the links may take you directly to the video or you may be asked to log into the video platform, Panopto. If you are asked to log in, please choose "Admin & Staff Log In" in the drop-down menu.