Event Guidance

Event policy in place for the start of the Spring 2022 semester.

In-person programming and events are permitted beginning 1/31/22 following existing event guidance and masking protocols outlined below. We are not permitting events catered by Campus Dining until further notice, to most effectively utilize dining resources. Additionally, we advise any event organizer to use discretion when planning events for February and consider alternatives that could minimize the likelihood of transmission. Can the event be later in the semester (given the expected decline of Omicron)? Can you limit the number of attendees? Can parts of your program be virtual?

During the current surge, we want to take extra precautions, particularly for events that involve non-Oxy participants. We have updated our event guidance accordingly, making a key distinction between Oxy-only events and those that will bring visitors from off-campus. In addition to following the guidance below, the decision to include non-Oxy visitors in your event should take into account to what extent non-Oxy participants are the key audience for the event. (For example, non-Oxy participants are highly integral in order to conduct a campus tour, whereas a guest speaker for a particular class is primarily focused on Oxy attendees and may not require an invitation to outside guests).

  • If an event is held indoors and all attendees have an Oxy ID: The only restriction, apart from mandatory masking, is that food cannot be served (although it can be set up and consumed outside the event venue)
  • If an event is held indoors and includes non-Oxy visitors: Masks are required. Food cannot be served and organizers must require proof of vaccine from non-Oxy ID holders (Oxy community members can show their Oxy ID as proof of compliance with the College vaccination policy). For indoor spectator sports events, everyone (including unvaccinated children under 12) will be masked at all times except for the athletes on the court. 
  • If an event is held outdoors and all attendees have an Oxy ID: Masks are not required and food can be served. However, masks are required outside for events with more than 50 people.
  • If an event is outdoors and includes non-Oxy visitors: Proof of vaccine is not required. Masking is required when social distancing is not possible. Food can be served, but no self-serve buffet; appropriate service spacing as well as seating must be in place. 
  • The College has also made the decision to temporarily suspend accepting any new external events such as weddings. Additionally, we have made the decision to temporarily suspend accepting any new sponsored events such as conferences or other events organized in collaboration with an outside organization.

Get practical information on how to appropriately check the vaccination status of non-Oxy individuals. Event organizers are responsible for clearly communicating health and safety guidelines to attendees.  Event organizers should continue to work through their normal channels for planning events, including the Campus Events Advisory Committee (CEAC) which is working closely with the Covid Operations Group to provide ongoing event guidance. Questions on event policy can be submitted to oxy@oxy.edu