Checking Vaccination Status (Non-Oxy Visitors)

Oxy policy regarding events specifies that proof of vaccination is required for indoor events for guests without an Oxy ID.

Other categories of visitors that may fall into this category where proof of vaccination is required include, but are not limited to:

  • Independent contractors or volunteers (unless they work exclusively outdoors)
  • Visitors for admission tours
  • Home athletic contests in Rush Gym

Below is additional information for groups that are running events or have occasion to check vaccination status.


  • Event organizers are responsible for checking vaccination status, and thus should take into account staffing considerations and whether having non-Oxy attendees is critical to the nature of the event.
  • Event organizers should use multiple channels of communication to let attendees know in advance that proof of vaccination is required (event listing on the website, emails to attendees, signage at events, etc.).
  • Proof of a negative COVD test is not an acceptable replacement. The College has determined that attending such an event is optional for non-Oxy individuals and has determined that proof of vaccination is the standard we are asking of our event visitors.
  • The College is establishing processes (below) with multiple ways that vaccination status can be checked. Again, it is best practice to communicate these to event attendees (or anyone requiring proof of vaccination) in advance.

Staffing and preparation

  • You will need at least one person to check vaccination status.
  • Your event should have a clear entrance point where vaccination status is checked, and defined perimeters that do not permit entrance from other directions.
  • It is recommended that you have visible signage out front indicating “Proof of Vaccination Required for non-Oxy ID holders”. A printable sign is available on our website.

Methods of checking vaccination

Please note that the College should not collect and retain vaccination records of non-Oxy visitors. There are 3 ways an attendee can prove their vaccination status:

  1. Show and scan a digital ID. In California and many other states, digital proof of vaccination in the form of a QR code can be downloaded to a smartphone. Event organizers can read/scan the QR code using the Smart Health app.
    1. Find instructions on getting your California digital vaccine record. It’s a simple process that takes about 1-2 minutes.  Once your QR code is emailed to you, take a screenshot and save it as an image on your phone.
    2. Learn more about the vaccine QR code reader and/or look for the SMART Health Card Verifier app on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Whoever is checking vaccinations at the point of entry can simply use a phone to scan and verify the vaccination status of anyone who has a verified QR code.
  2. A visitor may show a physical vaccination card or a picture of their vaccination card. 
  3. If neither option (1) or (2) is available, the event visitor may attest to their vaccination status using this attestation form. Event organizers should have forms available at the point of entry or check-in table. 

Emailing a copy of vaccination cards in advance is not advised as that would mean the record is retained in Oxy email.