Masking Policy

What is the latest guidance for wearing masks while on the Oxy campus?

Updated 9/1/21

Current Oxy guidelines, consistent with L.A. County guidance, require all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask indoors in public/common environments, unless in a private office or room with the door closed.

Masking is not required outdoors for vaccinated individuals, but is recommended for unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals when they cannot maintain physical distance. All community members must have a mask on hand at all times. Masking is recommended for vaccinated individuals who are immune compromised, experiencing asthma or allergies, or have been recently exposed to someone with a confirmed COVID-19 infection.

Additional Masking Specifics:

  • All members of the Oxy community must carry a reusable or disposable face covering or other appropriate face covering while on campus.
  • Any community member may wear a mask at any time regardless of vaccination status. Please respect any person’s choice or need to wear a mask.
  • Students may not remove masks to eat/drink in the classroom while the indoor mask mandate is in place (or if a faculty member requires classroom masking after the mandate is lifted).
  • Indoors: All students, faculty, staff, and contractors must wear masks at all times when they are inside campus buildings. Exceptions include:
    • When one person is alone in a private space (e.g., in an individual office or in a private bedroom or bathroom); 
    • Roommates in a residence hall when both are vaccinated
    • When eating or drinking
  • Outdoors: Fully vaccinated individuals are not required to wear a mask outdoors.
    • We strongly recommend wearing a mask outdoors at all times when social distancing is not possible. 
    • All outdoor gatherings of 50 people or more will require masking (all indoor events already require masks). 

What type of mask is okay?

An illustration of three people wearing face masks that fully cover their mouths and nosesAcceptable

✓ Cloth Face Masks
Store-bought or handmade any pattern and must: fully cover the nose and mouth, secure under the chin, be secured with ties or ear loops, and be made with at least 2-ply material.

✓ Disposable Surgical Masks
Face coverings can be disposable or reusable and must: fully cover the nose and mouth, secure under the chin, be secured with ties or ear loops, and be made with at least 2 ply material.

An illustration of a neck gaiter, bandana, and mask with a face valve all marked with red XsNot Acceptable

⨂ Bandanas

⨂ Gaiters

⨂ Masks with Valves

Download a printable PDF of masking guidelines