Occidental College is working diligently to ensure all community members remain as safe as possible throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, please contact Emmons Wellness Center ASAP to notify us so that appropriate cleaning in the areas where you last were can take place, contact tracing and quarantining can be conducted, and community notices can be made. Please note that your personal information and diagnoses will remain confidential.

Updated 8/3/22

Based on the latest guidance from local, state and federal public health officials, these are the protocols Oxy will follow in the event that an exposure or infection of COVID-19 takes place on campus.

Los Angeles County Public Health requires a 5-10 day isolation period for anyone who tests positive for COVID. The length of isolation depends on the severity of illness and symptoms. Oxy will continue to follow Los Angeles County guidelines for contact tracing and exposure management when we identify positive cases on campus.

  • Employees:

    • Employees who test positive should not come in to work, and should isolate for 5-10 days, based on LA County guidance.

  • Students:

    • Students who test positive and live off campus should isolate at home.  
    • Students living on campus will be moved to an isolation room, and may be placed in a room with another COVID+ student. 
    • Students living on campus in a single room with their own bathroom may isolate in their room.
    • Students who live on campus, and are able to, may find their own off-campus isolation accommodations or isolate at home if feasible.
    • If all campus isolation rooms are occupied, COVID+ students will be permitted to isolate in place (in their room). Roommates will be allowed to stay in the room, following all masking and exposure management guidelines. Shared bathrooms in residence halls will have health and safety usage guidelines in the event students must isolate in place in the residence halls. Alternatively, we will try to find an on-campus accommodation for roommates.