Symptom Management

Being fully in-person on campus, in combination with the change of seasons, means an increase in cold and flu symptoms—symptoms that can also be consistent with COVID.

It is important that anyone experiencing symptoms test for COVID-19 to either identify or rule out COVID to minimize the chance of community spread.

  • For Students: If you are experiencing any symptoms, you must come to the AGC testing facility for a test. In addition, you should not be attending class if you are feeling unwell, and we encourage you to keep your professors informed on any absences due to illness. You may come directly to the AGC testing center and do not need to contact Emmons before testing. If you do need to contact Emmons, there are three options:

    • Email
    • Call 323-259-2657 during business hours: 9:00am-noon and 1:00pm-4:00pm Monday through Friday.
    • Call the 24/7 telephone hotline (323-341-4141) for medical and counseling assistance. (Please note that the hotline is not staffed by Emmons staff. When you call the hotline, the person who answers the phone will decide what supports are most appropriate to connect you with, and will advise you as to next steps. After the initial phone assessment, if the recommendation is that you speak with a medical provider, someone will call you back in no more than an hour.)
  • For Employees: If you are experiencing any symptoms, stay home. If you remain symptomatic for 24 hours, please see your Primary Care Provider and get a COVID-19 test at an off-site facility. Please send your test results to Emmons. You should not come to campus if you remain symptomatic. If you are unable to get tested off campus, please come to the AGC COVID testing facility. If you are coming to campus for testing, you are only permitted to come to campus to get tested and should not go to your office or interact with any other Oxy community members.