Best Practices

Four quick best practices to help optimize your remote learning.

Prepare Before a Meeting

Set up your camera, microphone and audio before any meeting. You can test your devices by going to

Ensure Good Connectivity

If possible, prioritize a high-speed (above 5mbps) internet connection. Run an internet speed test at MLAB. If you need any assistance with internet connectivity please contact the ITS helpdesk.

Choose the Right Device

Prioritize laptops and desktops over other devices. Check our page on Devices to Learn Remotely for device format recommendations.


  • Be kind with yourself and others. As you, peers and faculty transition to a new learning environment expect humps in the road.
  • Consider your video presence. Frame your camera and ensure adequate lighting.

Consider your privacy. Mute your microphone and camera when not actively participating, and remove anything private from the camera’s view.