Interim Visitor Policy

Interim Policy Regarding Campus Visitors During COVID-19 Pandemic

The California Department of Public Health has issued guidance that requires colleges and universities to "limit, to the greatest extent permitted by law, external community members from entering the site [campus grounds] and using campus resources, as the number of additional people onsite and/or intermixing with students, faculty, and staff increases the risk of virus transmission." Reducing the density of people on campus to support physical distancing is essential for maintaining a safer and healthier environment at Occidental College.

This interim policy applies to all visitors to property owned or leased by Occidental, excluding visitors to off-campus residences. This interim policy is meant to supplement — not replace — any federal, state, or county health and safety regulations with which Occidental must comply.

A visitor is defined as any individual entering Occidental property who is NOT an Oxy  employee or student enrolled at Oxy during the current semester. Volunteers, employees of College vendors, contractors and service providers, and others listed below are considered visitors.

Visitors must be invited by, accompanied by, or approved for access by, an Occidental employee or enrolled student.

Required Forms for All Campus Visitors

Last reviewed: 01/07/2021