Interim Visitor Policy

Interim Policy Regarding Campus Visitors During COVID-19 Pandemic

The California Department of Public Health has issued guidance that requires colleges and universities to "limit, to the greatest extent permitted by law, external community members from entering the site [campus grounds] and using campus resources, as the number of additional people onsite and/or intermixing with students, faculty, and staff increases the risk of virus transmission." Reducing the density of people on campus to support physical distancing is essential for maintaining a safer and healthier environment at Occidental College.

This interim policy applies to all visitors to property owned or leased by Occidental, excluding visitors to off-campus residences. This interim policy is meant to supplement — not replace — any federal, state, or county health and safety regulations with which Occidental must comply.

A visitor is defined as any individual entering Occidental property who is NOT an Oxy  employee or student enrolled at Oxy during the current semester. Volunteers, employees of College vendors, contractors and service providers, and others listed below are considered visitors.

Visitors must be invited by, accompanied by, or approved for access by, an Occidental employee or enrolled student.

Required Forms for All Campus Visitors

Policy Statement and Scope

This interim policy governs Occidental College campus visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic, based on the following principles:

  • The health and safety of the Occidental community is our top priority.

  • One method of decreasing density and therefore increasing the safety of our community is by restricting visitors to campus.

  • The State of California and Los Angeles County Departments of Public Health restrict activity on campus to official college business.

  • All community members and invited visitors/guests MUST pass a health check before accessing the Occidental campus.

  • Visitors are required to adhere to new protocols in place to keep the Occidental community safe.

  • All visitors entering Occidental buildings are required to register and pass a health check before accessing the Occidental campus.

  • Visitors are not permitted in campus buildings without prior approval from the hosting department and vice president.

Limited Visitation

Visitors are permitted on Occidental property. All visitors must be hosted and/or invited by a College employee, department, or registered student. Permitted visitors are the following:

  • Family members of a Occidental community member;

  • Prospective or admitted students and their families for admission, recruiting or other hosted events, approved by the Office of Admission;

  • Donor and alumni visits arranged by Institutional Advancement;

  • Hired contractor and vendor services for official College business;

  • Package deliveries and food deliveries are permitted on campus. Delivery drivers are not permitted in campus buildings.  Delivery recipients should meet the delivery drivers at the entrance to the building, and drivers should leave campus after they have completed their delivery;

  • Other visitors, on official College business, as approved by the relevant dean or vice president;

  • Emergency services personnel

Visits by Family and Friends

Personal visitors, including family members and friends of employees, are allowed on campus, and must be accompanied by an Oxy community member and follow all health and safety protocols including passing the health check prior to arrival on campus.

Family members and friends ARE NOT permitted inside any Occidental College buildings unless they are providing services required by the College and pre-approved by the appropriate vice president.

Requirements for Visitors

All visitors permitted on campus will be required to do the following:

  • Follow health and safety protocols adopted by the College and as required by federal, state, or county regulations. 

  • Pass a health check prior to arrival on campus via this visitor health check form.

  • All contractors, service providers and visitors approved to enter campus buildings must register and pass a health check prior to arrival on campus via this visitor/contractor screening form. They must have a visitor pass and display it at all times when on campus. Visitor pass will be provided by the hosting office.

  • Comply with the College’s face-covering policy, social distancing and regular hand washing protocols.

Requirements for Occidental Host

When a authorized individual or department invites visitors to Occidental property, the following protocols are required to be in place:

  • As the host, you must inform your visitors of this policy prior to their visit.

  • Visitors are required to follow the CADPH and LADPH Guidance and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Public Guidance on COVID-19.

  • To the extent possible, visits should be scheduled for low-traffic areas and times.

  • If any visitors are showing symptoms of a communicable disease such as persistent cough, or otherwise are not following Occidental health and safety protocols, they will be asked to leave campus.

  • Collecting the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of all visitors is required via this registration form. If there is a positive COVID-19 case, health officials may need this information for a contact tracing investigation. This information will be destroyed sixty (60) days after the visit.

To aid in making any determination about approved visitors, the College will consider: 

  • Is the guest’s presence on campus required to fulfill a critical educational, business continuity, legal, or compliance obligation?

  • Can the visit be postponed?

  • Is there a substitute to an in-person visit such as virtual engagement?

  • Can someone already approved to be on campus perform the activity or service in lieu of the guest?

  • Can the campus visit be accomplished safely and in compliance with local public health requirements, given health, community, and social conditions at Occidental?