Learning Remotely

Advice for success in remote education.

Establish boundaries on your time and space

A critical element of success when working remotely is establishing routines and creating intentional boundaries between focused work and other life activities, such as rest, socializing and play. 

  • Identify a dedicated study space that allows you to concentrate and feel alert. Communicate your needs about that space to friends and family. If a dedicated space isn’t possible, think about what you can do to set intentions on your use of the space by making physical changes. For example, make the bed before working on it, or clear technology off the kitchen table when you are eating.

  • Keep a calendar or planner to help you remember when to engage with your learning and to know when you can relax.

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Stay Connected

It is essential that every student feels adequately prepared to attend classes and stay connected to the Oxy community. You can view our Technical Resources page to learn more about the software and tools available to students. If you have questions about technical support or resources available to you, please email helpdesk@oxy.edu

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Ask for Learning and Research Resources

The Library/CDLA will help you obtain the resources you need, whether it’s research support, textbook reserve items, articles, or book chapters from our collections or partners. You can contact us at library@oxy.edu or visit the library website.

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Stay in Touch with Your Peers

Maintain contact with your friends, peers, and support networks and take advantage of all of the resources available at Oxy.

  • Identify your go-to peers for mutual aid and support. Exchange contact information and discuss the best ways (and times) to stay in touch.
  • Be kind to yourself and others. Try to remain mindful that your peers and faculty continue to adapt to the remote learning environment at their own pace.
  • Access telehealth and counseling services available through Emmons Wellness Center.