Sunday, April 22, 2018

Hula from the Heart

Music Department Sponsored Event


  • Location: Thorne Hall
  • Time: 4:00 PM
  • Price: $25 | $20 for Students with Oxy ID (Cash Only)
  • Sponsor: Music, Oxy Arts

Hula O Hoaloha was established in 2009 to service the Atwater, Eagle Rock and Silverlake Communities. Their mission is to maintain and perpetuate Hawaiian Traditions, Culture and Language through the teachings of Hawaiian Dance and Music. They will perform dances from the two Hula categories: Hula Kahiko (Ancient Hula) and Hula Auana (Modern Hula).

Hula Kahiko was danced by the ancient Hawaiians as a religious homage to their Gods. This ancient dance style told stories as a way to pass along their History.  After the arrival of the Protestant Missionaries in 1820, Hula was denounced as a lewd heathen dance and public performances were banned. In 1874, with the accession of King David Kalakaua (aka: the Merrie Monarch), Hula went public again.

Hula Auana evolved in the 1900’s with the western influences. It is accompanied by guitars, bass, steel guitars, ukuleles, and singers, oftentimes singing falsetto.

As a Halau (hula school), Hula O Hoaloha pride themselves on sharing their talents with pride and the Aloha Spirit. The show will also have a few dances from Tahiti and New Zealand (with poi balls). Live Musicians include Tahitian Drumming by Liz Espinosa and Hawaiian Song Bird & Hawaiian of the Year 2017, Auntie Geri Kuhia.

This is a CSP99 event.