CSP & Oxy Immersive Semester

Both the Cultural Studies Program (CSP) and Oxy Immersive Semester allow you to dive deep into a specific topic of study to create a first-year academic experience that is uniquely Oxy.

Cultural Studies Program

All first-year students are required to enroll in a Cultural Studies Program (CSP) seminar during both the fall and spring semesters. CSP seminars are offered on a wide variety of topics, but all of them are highly interactive classes intended to prepare students for college-level critical thinking, essay writing and intellectual discussion. 

In addition to the standard 4-unit CSP courses, the College offers CSP Plus courses that provides an opportunity to explore a topic in greater depth. Both CSP 1 and CSP 2 have limited enrollment capacity so there is a special registration process that is detailed on the CSP Plus webpage.  The deadline to sign up for either of these courses for the Fall 2021 semester is not yet available.  

Oxy Immersive Semester

As the name suggests, Oxy Immersive Semester programs are immersive educational experiences that include a cluster of coursework and community-based/internship components, all focused around a specific topic of study. 

Students enrolled in Oxy Immersive Semester programs will have the opportunity to dedicate a semester to a focused, multidisciplinary engagement with a topic. Because of the small class sizes, they will build a robust, close-knit intellectual community with peers and with Oxy faculty in their program. And they will pair academic study with action in the world, exemplifying the vitality and promise of liberal arts.

While we have not yet released the Oxy Immersive course offerings for Fall 2021, feel free to check out the Fall 2020 courses below to get a sense of the types of options which might be available:

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Check out the Oxy Immersive Semester website for more information.