CSP & Oxy Immersive Semester

Both the Cultural Studies Program (CSP) and Oxy Immersive Semester allow you to dive deep into a specific topic of study to create a first-year academic experience that is uniquely Oxy.

Cultural Studies Program

All first-year students are required to enroll in a Cultural Studies Program (CSP) seminar during both the fall and spring semesters. CSP seminars are offered on a wide variety of topics, but all of them are highly interactive classes intended to prepare students for college-level critical thinking, essay writing and intellectual discussion. 

In addition to the standard 4-unit CSP courses, we are offering two special CSP Plus courses that offer an opportunity to explore a topic in greater depth. The first of these courses is the California Immigration Semester (CIS), a 16-unit program that will allow students to spend their first Oxy semester studying immigration and immigrant communities in an integrated set of courses that satisfy three graduation requirements. CIS is an innovative, interdisciplinary and intensive academic experience which has not been offered at the College for five years, so we are excited to be offering this opportunity to the Class of 2024.

The second CSP Plus course is CSP 2: “Explusions: Un/documented Migrants, Refugees, and the Stateless.” This course is being taught by a team of three faculty members from the departments of  History and Diplomacy & World Affairs. This course will satisfy two graduation requirements and bring to bear diverse intellectual work on migration, refugees, and statelessness, including from human rights studies, international political economy, security studies, and the history of migration and global movements. 

Both CSP 1 and CSP 2 have limited enrollment capacity so there is a special registration process that is detailed on the CSP Plus webpage.  The deadline to sign up for either of these courses is July 28

Oxy Immersive Semester

As the name suggests, Oxy Immersive Semester programs are immersive educational experiences that include a cluster of coursework and community-based/internship components, all focused around a specific topic of study. 

Students enrolled in Oxy Immersive Semester programs will have the opportunity to dedicate a semester to a focused, multidisciplinary engagement with a topic. Because of the small class sizes, they will build a robust, close-knit intellectual community with peers and with Oxy faculty in their program. And they will pair academic study with action in the world, exemplifying the vitality and promise of liberal arts.

Each Oxy Immersive Semester program is taught by a team of Oxy faculty and meets multiple core requirements. For Fall 2020, all seats will be reserved for incoming first-year students, and all components of Oxy Immersive programs will be fully remote so that any Oxy student may participate regardless of where they reside.  

In Fall 2020, we are excited to offer the following Oxy Immersive Semester programs (follow the links to learn more about each program):

Do you want to learn more or sign up? 

  • Check out the Oxy Immersive Semester website for more information and for the link to the interest form.  Note: the deadline to express interest is July 28th. 

  • Come to the virtual open house on Wed July 22, 6pm PDT to hear from faculty running the Fall 2020 programs and to ask questions. (Zoom link: https://occidental.zoom.us/j/93408559232; Password: 430539 )

Note that due to the implications of COVID-19, planning is fluid and subject to change. Please continue to check this page and Oxy's COVID-19 planning website for the most current information.