We’re glad you’re continuing your education at Oxy, and we have resources just for you.

We are excited that you have chosen to come to Occidental for the remainder of your college career. While most of the information on this website applies to both first-year and transfer students, we do want to mention a few points specifically applicable to you:

  • Historically, we can house most if not all students who ask for housing in the fall, but it is not guaranteed. Check back soon for more information. 
  • Transfer students will register for classes during Orientation. To ensure proper transfer units, please make sure your most complete official transcripts are sent to the Admission Office as soon as possible.
  • You should have already received your transfer credit evaluation within your Admission Portal.
  • You may wish to contact the Advising Center to discuss how to satisfy any outstanding requirements.
  • Click here to learn more about the writing requirements for transfer students.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deposit deadline?

Deposit deadlines differ depending on the day you were admitted. Students who are still working with the Office of Financial Aid on need-based assistance may request additional time by submitting an Admitted Student Reply Deadline Extension Request. These extension requests are only granted for a few days beyond the deposit deadline. Students must submit all required financial aid documents and need-based appeals prior to requesting an extension request, otherwise extension requests will be denied.

What if I want to defer my admission or take a gap year?

At this time, Occidental College is not offering deferred admission for transfer students. 

Can I request more financial aid? Can I appeal my financial aid award?

Occidental College is committed to meeting 100% of the demonstrated financial need of its students. Due to this commitment, the majority of Occidental’s financial aid budget is allocated to need-based grants. When financial situations change, families can submit an appeal letter to the Director of Financial Aid and, upon review, may be eligible for more need-based grants.  

Families can submit their appeal letters here. Please note that appeals are only granted to families who have documented changes in their financial status from what was reported in the FAFSA and CSS/Profile. You typically must provide supporting documentation for your appeal letter. Additional information about what kind of supporting documentation is necessary for your appeal, and what types of appeals are honored, is available on our Special Circumstances page. 

This appeals process is exclusively for families whose information has changed in regard to their need-based financial aid award. Students are considered for merit-based awards at the time of admission. Decisions regarding merit-based scholarships are final and there is no appeals process for merit-based awards.

Can I request additional merit awards? Will Occidental match my merit awards from another school?

There is no appeals process for merit-based awards. Occidental's merit-based awards are made independently of merit scholarships awarded at other institutions. Students are considered for merit-based awards at the time of admission. All decisions regarding merit-based scholarships are final.

Other Resources

We recognize that you may have other questions unique to your experience as a transfer student; the staff in the following offices are specifically qualified to assist you:

The Transfer Student Union is a student organization that aims to build community among transfer students, and its members are available to help welcome new students to Occidental. You can follow their activities on Instagram. You can also find more about the Transfer Student experience at oxy.edu/admission-aid/transfer-students.

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