Welcome to Oxy! A Message to Incoming International Students

Introducing the International Programs Office at Occidental College.

Hello Incoming International Students!

Greetings from the International Programs Office (IPO) at Oxy!

We are thrilled you will join the Occidental College community in fall 2022!  You may be a visa holding student, US citizen living abroad, a multicultural student or a permanent resident.  Your international experience will add to Oxy's diverse student body.  We are so pleased to meet you!

IPO advises international students on immigration regulations, cultural adjustment, and so much more!  Adjusting to college can be a process ~ adjusting to new academic and social expectations in addition can be even more demanding.   Please know that IPO is a resource for you.

Don't know where at Oxy to go with a question? Start with IPO!  We are happy to consult over email, Zoom, phone - whatever is best for you.   IPO advisors are available over the summer.  Our office email is ipo@oxy.edu.  

Be sure to check the New Student website often.  It provides good information to prepare you to thrive at Oxy.  Pay special attention to Dates & Deadlines!  

NOTE:  This message is being sent to your personal AND Occidental email accounts.   You will be receiving a lot of information over the summer at your Oxy email.  Make it a habit to check your Oxy email at least twice a week!  You don't want to miss important information and deadlines.

Again, congratulations!  We look forward to working with you over the next four years.

The IPO Team - Robin, Julie, Marisa and Christy