Citations & Appeals

Schedule of Fines and Citation Appeals


Citation Type Fee
No Permit/Wrong Permit $25
No Overnight Parking  $25
Fire Lane/Fire Hydrant   $50
Handicap Space  $100
Visitor/Service (Permit Required M-F 8A-5P) $25
Parked In 2 Spaces/Parked the Wrong Way $25
Blocking Access (Sidewalk, Driveway, etc.) $25
Failure to Stop at Stop Sign $25
Reckless Driving/Speeding $25
Denver Boot Removal $300

Citation appeals must be received by Campus Safety within  48 hours days from the date issued. Late appeals will not be considered. 

Violations of municipal or state vehicle codes may not be appealed. The following reasons will not be accepted for appeal:

(1) ignorance of the regulations

(2) lack of parking spaces in a preferred location.

Appeals MUST be submitted through the Passport Parking Website. The Passport Website is and is listed on the bottom of the citation.

If you have any questions please contact us via email at or 

(Allow 1-2 buisness days for a response)