Contact Numbers

Important Phone Numbers

Emergencies Non-Emergency Services
(323) 259-2511 or x2511 on campus (323) 259-2599 or x2599 on campus
Fire, Paramedics, Police
911 or 9-911 on campus

*If you call 911 from a cell phone, it is important that you give the operator your location. Unlike when you call from home, 911 operators cannot automatically determine the location of most calls placed from cell phones.

*If you call 911 directly, be certain you call Campus Safety at x2511 or (323) 259-2511. A Campus Safety Officer will meet the emergency provider at the main entrance of the campus and escort them to your location.

Other Campus Offices

Emmons Student Wellness Center
(323) 259-2657 or x2657

Environmental Health & Safety 
(323) 259-2933 or x2933

Facilities Management
(323) 259-2651 or x2651