Gmail Login Change

Information about the Oxyconnect to Gmail login change

On Thursday, March 14th ITS implemented a change to the way you log in to your Oxy email account. Previously you went to, a hosted web site used to connect to Google. Now you go directly to the Gmail login page and enter your Oxy email address and password to access your Oxy email account.

The most important part of this change is that you MUST enter your full @ email address for your username.

Instructions for logging in:

  1. Go to Gmail login page to login.
    Alternatively, you can also go to and click the "Sign In" link at the top of the page.

  2. Put in your full email address and click Next.
    Please note that this is a change from the previous login method where you only entered your username.

  3. Enter your Oxy password and click Next. Your password does not change.

  4. You may need to log in again in to your Gmail apps or browsers.

The URL will redirect to this help page for the duration of this transition, and all official Oxy links in myOxy, Moodle, and web pages will continue to point to this URL.

You may wish to update your bookmarks to point to so you arrive at the direct Gmail login instead of stepping through the help page.

At the time of our implementation of Gmail almost 10 years ago, we used this Oxyconnect hosted website to help with the transition and for account management. This setup is no longer necessary and maintaining it prevents us from offering several Gmail security features. Removing the Oxyconnect site also eliminates a failure point which has occasionally interfered with your ability to log in to your Oxy Gmail account.

Now that the change has been made, ITS will shortly provide information to the community about additional security configurations you can set up in Gmail such as two-factor authentication.