Web Server User Policy

Occidental College Policy Content:

Purpose of the Web Site

The Occidental College Web servers promote the College to the general public and assist users both on and off campus to find information about the College, its programs, and the people that make up the Oxy community. The College supports the freedom of expression and exchange of ideas and opinions among members of the community and hopes that users of its computer systems will actively explore the possibilities of electronic publication on the World Wide Web. The College encourages students, staff, administrators, faculty, and alumni to develop and publish WWW pages through its servers.

Web Site Policy

All members of the Occidental community are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the Statement of Key Beliefs of the Occidental Community and with other policies of the College. Policies on the use of College resources, as well as policies on sexual harassment and computing access and use should be followed where applicable by students, staff, faculty and administrators. Please refer to the appropriate College handbooks for details on these policies. In addition, publishing on the World Wide Web using the Occidental College Web servers and exercising one's right to free speech in an academic community entail responsibilities for authors:

  • It is improper and inappropriate to use the College's World Wide Web servers purposely to annoy, abuse, libel, threaten, or harass any person or group, or to violate state or federal laws.
  • The author of a text or the creator of a graphic is protected by copyright law unless the work is specifically released into the public domain. Other authors should not copy such texts or graphics onto their own WWW pages without the original author's written permission.
  • In particular, authors should secure the written permission of Occidental College through the Office of Communications and Community Relations before using the College logo or reproducing parts of any College publication, and should not use the name of the College in any way that implies endorsement of the author's personal ideas and opinions.

The College's computing resources are finite. If one user's WWW pages are so frequently accessed or involve the transmission of such large amounts of data that other uses of the equipment are impeded, the Webmaster may remove access to such pages.

In particular, it is a violation of these policies to put any of the following on an Occidental web server:

  • Copyrighted materials in any form without the written consent of the original copyright owner.
  • Audio, pictures (i.e., photographs, paintings or other derivatives thereof), videos or movies of members of the Occidental Community without their written consent.
  • Email links to an individual without his or her written consent.
  • A homepage for someone without his or her written consent.
  • Commercial, for-profit activities or advertisements in any form.

Infringement of copyright laws, obscene, harassing or threatening materials on the Occidental Web servers can be in violation of local, state, national or international laws and can be subject to litigation by the appropriate law enforcement agency. Authors of HTML documents and those who store pictures, video, programs or forms on the Occidental Web servers will ultimately be personally responsible for what they allow users worldwide to access.

The College reserves the right to remove or refuse server uploads for any programs, HTML documents, graphics, audio, forms or data that do not comply with the above policies and guidelines. The use of College facilities shall be subject to revocation for any infractions of the above policies.

Enforcement of the Web Site Policy


Violation of these policies by students shall be referred to the Vice President of Student Affairs office for action in accordance with College disciplinary procedures.

Faculty and Academic Departments

Violations by faculty or by academic departments shall be referred to the office of the Dean of the Faculty for action in accordance with College disciplinary procedures.

Staff and Administrative Departments

Violations by administrators, staff members or administrative departments shall be referred to the appropriate Vice President for action in accordance with College disciplinary procedures.