Printing in the Academic Commons and Res Halls

In order to print or copy at the public mutlifunction printers within the Academic Commons and the Residence Halls, all members of the community must swipe their ID card or enter Oxynet credentials. This is called "release to print" functionality, and it is provided through our print management system, Pharos Uniprint.

How it works:

- Send a print job to a printer in the Academic Commons or the Residence Halls from a lab, office, or personal computer.
- Walk up to the printer, swipe your ID card or enter your Oxynet credentials.
- A list of your pending print jobs is displayed; select the job(s) to be printed and then the document(s) will print.
- You must also swipe your card or enter credentials in order to copy or scan.

Here is what you need to do:

First, remove any previously installed queues for the Academic Commons printers as they will no longer work. Next, install the appropriate print packages based on whether you are using your own personal PC or an Oxy ITS-managed computer. Please note that you will not be able to download these packages or print while off-campus.

Important Information and Key Benefits:

  1. We are not charging for printing or copying as part of the pilot project.
  2. There will be no quota or limit on printing or copying as part of the pilot project.
  3. There is a single queue that covers all of the Res Halls - send your print job to the queue and release it from any Res Hall multifunction device.
  4. Elimination of unwanted print jobs – if you forget to release your print job, it will stay in the queue for four hours, then be deleted.
  5. Print from any location on campus to the Academic Commons or Res Hall printers and release the print job when it is convenient for you.
  6. Reduction in "runaway" print jobs.
  7. Easier printer installation method.