An introduction to using BlueJeans, one of Oxy's online meeting and video conferencing tools.

What is BlueJeans?

BlueJeans is an online meeting platform that allows a meeting creator to host a video and/or a computer audio call with anyone, anywhere on any platform. A customer can create a meeting and invite up to 100 participants from around the world to join. As a BlueJeans meeting attendee, you can join a meeting from your computer or mobile device using an appropriate BlueJeans app or directly from the browser without downloading an app.

Who can use BlueJeans?

BlueJeans access will be available through the end of January, 2021. Occidental faculty can use BlueJeans to create and attend meetings as well as record the meeting's content for download and future reference through Spring 2021 on request; please contact to arrange access through the Spring. 

To log in and get started, go to, and sign in with your Oxy username and password. You might be asked to login to Microsoft as well. Please do so again using your complete Oxy email and password. After this, in the pop-up profile window that shows up, enter your full name, institution name and a phone number. If you are not comfortable sharing your phone number we recommend using 323-259-2500.

Click on the submit tab when you are done. Congratulations, you now have a BlueJeans Account!

Watch this process in a screencast

Using BlueJeans

View the BlueJeans Official Getting Started Guide

Joining a Meeting via an email invite

  • You will have an email in your Oxy email inbox with a link to the meeting.
  • Clicking on the link will take you directly to the BlueJeans online instance.
  • You may be prompted to download and log into the BlueJeans desktop app.
  • Please do so again using your Oxy email ID and password.

The desktop app is efficient and easy to use and can be added to your dock on a Mac. One can also create a desktop shortcut on a PC.

Scheduling a meeting through the BlueJeans account on your browser

All meeting scheduling in BlueJeans is done from a web browser. Here is a video tutorial to get you more comfortable with your online web browser account.

  • Click the blue-colored Schedule Meeting tab on the left of your screen and you will see a pop-up window.
  • Type in the name of the meeting that you would like to schedule (Eg: “Office hours”, Chem Lecture - 4” etc.).
  • Click on the blue meeting description tab and add text that relates to the context of the meeting. This a useful space to share goals or the agenda of the meeting/class/office hours. The text in this area will be visible to all invites.
  • Use the drop down option to set the from date and time, as well as, the to date and time for the end of the meeting. Make sure that you are using the right time-zone setting, since some of the participants may be joining from different time zones and this information is very valuable to them.
  • Once you set the time, you can choose whether or not to have the meeting repeated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This is very useful for regular meetings or for office hours.
  • Since BlueJeans has been integrated through Oxy, you have the autocomplete option for emails of all Oxy personnel. For a basic meeting, once you are done adding invites, you can click schedule a meeting and you are all set. All invitees will receive an email link.
  • The “Advanced Options” tab gives you several other boxes to tick which allow you to further customize your meeting. These options will allow for smoother management of meetings with larger numbers of participants. Read more about advanced settings in BlueJeans.

Joining and starting your meeting

Join a meeting that you scheduled from the BlueJeans app:

  • Open the app on your desktop by double clicking the BlueJeans icon.
  • The meeting will show up in the upcoming meeting list.
  • Click on the title of the meeting.
  • Then click the green Join tab to start the meeting as the moderator.

Join a meeting that you scheduled from the BlueJeans application in your browser

  • All your scheduled meetings for the day will show up under your accounts “Meetings” tab.
  • Click on the title of the meeting.
  • In the box that pops-up click on “start meeting”.

Content/screen sharing during your meeting

Video tutorial on how to share different applications, as well as your whole screen, during a BlueJeans call

Recording a meeting

You can start recording a meeting after you have already joined/started the meeting.

  • Click on the grey radial tab at the top left corner of either your browser or your Bluejeans app to start recording.
  • Recording will continue until you click on the radial once again to stop recording or until you end the meeting.

Video: Record, Playback, and Share Your Meetings

How to run breakout sessions in BlueJeans

Within a BlueJeans meeting, the moderator can create and assign students to a virtual breakout room if you are using the desktop client.

  • After you start a meeting, access the apps within the meeting from the menu on the right side.
  • Click on start breakout rooms.
  • Click on create breakout rooms.
  • You can rename a breakout room if you want to.
  • Once all the breakout rooms are ready, you can assign participants to each room by clicking on the person icon at the right hand side of each breakout room.
  • Once you are satisfied with the assignments click on start breakout session.
  • The moderator can choose to end the breakout session for all participants, or they can choose to bring each breakout room back to the main meeting space individually.
  • Participants can also choose to leave a breakout room and come back to the main room.

Sharing a meeting recording with your students

To access your BlueJeans recording you need to go to your online BlueJeans account in your browser.

  • On the top of the screen, access your recording by clicking on the recordings tab on the top middle of your screen.
  • If an icon says processing, then it means that BlueJeans is uploading the recording to their server and that it will take a few minutes for the recording to be available for you.
  • Once you have access to the video, scroll down and below the screen you will see a share icon.
  • When you click on the icon you will have a pop-up window show up giving you access to different ways to set the privacy of your recording. You can also choose to make the recording available for download (default is only viewing).
  • Click on the shareable link to copy the link and paste into Moodle or an email. You can also choose to enter the email Ids of all your students to have an email with the link to the recording sent to their Oxy inbox.

Video: Recording and Sharing a BlueJeans Conference

Optimizing your BlueJeans connection

Follow these tips to improve your audio, video and connection quality:

  • Consider using an ethernet connection instead of WiFi. Learn how to recognize and use an ethernet connection. For more information, check our “Staying Connected at Home” connectivity guide.
  • If you can only use WiFi, ensure that you have a strong WiFi signal by moving closer to your router or access point.
  • Connect your device (computer, tablet or phone) to a constant power source during your video conference.
  • Close programs applications and browser tabs that are not necessary during your videoconference. Applications such as OneTab can help you reduce open browser tabs and save computer memory necessary for BlueJeans.
  • Consider muting your audio and video until it is needed. This will help you save computer memory and help BlueJeans run better.
  • Free up drive space in your computer to help applications like BlueJeans run smoothly. You can free up space in Windows or Mac OS computers.