Writing Tips

The following resources are provided to help guide you in the writing process. 

To ensure the submission of a clear and impactful proposal, try answering the following questions before you get started:

What are you doing?  
Make sure you can describe your project clearly and concisely.

Why are you doing it and who will it benefit?
What problems are you addressing in your work? Will the outcomes of your project benefit students, the College, or have more far reaching benefits to your field?

How will you do it?
What are your objectives and how will you achieve it. Make sure you have a timeline and clear understanding of each step of your process.

What makes you the best person to do it?
Be able to explain your credentials and how your experience relates to your current project.

How will you determine if you’re successful?
Know what constitutes a successful project, and have a few quantitative and/or qualitative ways to measure and report your accomplishments at the end of the grant period.

Ready to write? The websites below provide useful links to help you get started:
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