Audrey Chan

Learn more about Audrey Chan’s augmented reality artwork, The Assata Center.

Image of Audrey Chan's augmented reality artwork, The Assata Center

The Assata Center sits on top of the current site of the LA Police Protective League (LAPPL) building. The LAPPL building is a living monument to corruption and brutality, it houses the day-to-day work that keeps the police from being held accountable. Audrey Chan imagines a near future where the building has been replaced by a community center, The Assata Center. Black Lives Matter Los Angeles (BLM-LA) hosts a weekly gathering at the site of the existing LAPPL building to demand an end to police associations. Chan’s artwork builds on this call to action—her work visualizes what would be possible if we re-directed funds and resources away from policing and towards community care. 

The new community center is covered in plants and butterflies and includes a garden and play area. In this imagined future, the building is off-grid, powered by solar, and free from police and surveillance. On one wall, we see freedom fighter Assata Shakur’s quote, which is read at the end of every BLM-LA gathering by their youth vanguard. Chan created a survey to get input on what community members would like to see in the place of the existing LAPPL building. Click here to read the survey responses that informed Chan's design. 

Use the map below to view Audrey Chan’s The Assata Center on-site in Los Angeles at the NE Corner of 8th Street and Columbia, across the street from the LAPPL at 1308 W 8th Street. 

You can hear Chan speak more about The Assata Center in the video below, and in an original article she wrote for Monument Lab’s Bulletin publication reflecting on his project and process. 

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