Oxy Arts builds community through innovative and inclusive arts experiences. Below is a list of programming from the 2019-2020 academic year.

Fall 2020 

OXY ARTS x In Plain Sight

On July 3rd, 80 artists and immigrant rights organizations are joining together in a stunning effort to launch In Plain Sight—to make visible the injustices of the largest immigration detention system in the world. Oxy Arts is proud to be a Lead Partner for the artist collaboration In Plain Sight (IPS).

May 14, 2020 - June 5, 2020 

Logo for Community Studio 2019-2020 Studio Art End of Year Student Show
Location: Oxy Arts on York

Stop by on your stroll and take a look through our street-front windows! Artwork is featured in both our gallery space and on a viewing monitor near the front entrance.



May 23-25, 2020 | 8pm - 12am

Logo for Community Studio

Kang Seung Lee
Location: Oxy Arts on York

Drop by (or drive-by) Oxy Arts to view untitled (la revolución es la solución!) by artist Kang Seung Lee. This piece is part of an outdoor public art exhibition, organized and curated by Warren Neidich, Renée Petropoulos, Anuradha Vikram, that is experienced from the safety and intimacy of one's own automobile.


April 23, 2020 | 5pm - 7pm

CANCELLED - Collaborate Final Show
Location: Oxy Arts on York (4757 York Blvd)

Join us to celebrate the youth artists who participated in our Spring 2020 Collaborate after school art class. 



April 17, 2020 | 7pm - 10pm

CANCELLED - Shizu Saldamando: L.A. Intersections Exhibition Closing with Club Scum
Location: Oxy Arts on York (4757 York Blvd)

Club Scum brings their East L.A. queer punk Latinx party to Oxy Arts with DJs and live performances.



April 15, 2020 | 7pm

CANCELLED - Mark Allen
Location: 4757 York Blvd

Mark Allen presents Machine Project's most fascinating successes, mysterious failures and what it takes to start, run (and close) an experimental art space in Los Angeles.






April 9, 2020 | 7pm

CANCELLED - Dorian Wood: Songs Against the Lure
Location: Oxy Arts on York (4757 York Blvd)

Dorian Wood performs a collection of compositions that challenges our perceptions of complicity and defiance.



April 6, 2020 | 7pm

CANCELLED - TODAY COULD BE AN ANNIVERSARY: An evening of student engaged poetry curated by Raquel Gutiérrez
Location: Oxy Arts on York (4757 York Blvd)

Join us for a night of poetry curated by Raquel Gutiérrez.


March 27, 28, 2020 | 7:30pm

CANCELLED - Statute 21.06: Homosexual Conduct
Location: Oxy Arts on York (4757 York Blvd)

A new play by Sarah Kozinn.



March 17, 2020 | 7pm 

CANCELLED - Artist Talk by Carolina Caycedo, Wanlass Artist-in-Residence
Location: Oxy Arts on York (4757 York Blvd)

Join us for an artist talk by Carolina Caycedo, the 2020-2021 Wanlass Artist in Residence. Come learn about Carolina's practice within the context of the course she will teach during the Fall 2020 semester.





February 12, 19, 26, 2020 | 6:30 - 8:30pm

ISLA Spring Writing Workshops at Oxy Arts
Location: Oxy Arts on York (4757 York Blvd)

Join us this February for a series of FREE generative writing workshops led by local LA-based authors. The series explores the connections between LA's built environment and how different cultures and communities interface with public space.



February 25, 2020 | 7pm

Gabriela Ruiz: X: a Performance
Location: Oxy Arts on York (4757 York Blvd)

From chromosome X to a time marker and void filler, Ruiz explores the multiple uses and varying definitions of X.





February 23, 2020 | 7:30pm

Hailing Cesar - Film Screening and Panel Discussion
Location: Oxy Arts on York (4757 York Blvd)

Join us for a screening of Hailing Cesar, followed by a panel discussion with the filmmaker and local muralists and arts activists. 



February 20, 2020 | 7pm

Yosimar Reyes: Undocumented and Thriving
Location: Oxy Arts on York (4757 York Blvd)

Join us for an evening of poetry with nationally-acclaimed poet and LAMBA Literary Fellow, Yosimar Reyes. 




February 13, 2020 | 7pm

78 Days of Relief: A Conversation with EJ Hill and Texas Isaiah
Location: Oxy Arts on York (4757 York Blvd)

Join us for a conversation between EJ Hill and Texas Isaiah aout their process working on Excellentia, Mollitia, Victoria and as ongoing collaborators.


February 11 - April 16, 2020 | 12pm - 3pm

Community Reading Hours
Location: Oxy Arts on York (4757 York Blvd)

Join us on Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons to peruse a selection of art and culture books and enjoy free coffee. 



February 6, 2020 - April 17, 2020 

Shizu Saldamando: L.A. Intersections
Location: Oxy Arts on York (4757 York Blvd)

Join us for the solo exhibition of Shizu Saldamando, Wanlass Artist-in-Residence.






February 11, 2020 | 7pm

Kahane UN Week 2020: Climate Imaginaries
Location: Oxy Arts on York (4757 York Blvd)

Alison Hirsch and Aroussiak Gabrielian (USC Landscape Architecture + Urbanism) in conversation about how art and design can engage climate change through creative practice.


December 5, 2019 | 5pm-8pm 

Syndicate: A Comprehensive Exhibition | Opening Reception
Location: Oxy Arts on York

The Studio Art Comprehensive Exhibition features the ten studio art majors from the Class of 2020 working in a wide range of media, including sculpture, ceramics, performance art, photography, painting, drawing and a graphic novel. 



November 24 | 5pm - 7pm

Dining in DiasporaDining in Diaspora: Tracing the Legacy of Armenian Food in America
Location: Oxy Arts on York

Escaping war, atrocity, and genocide, Armenians have been migrating to America for centuries. Settling across the country from Los Angeles to Detroit to Boston and everywhere in between, the Armenian footprint in America is vast, complex, and hidden. For people who have been on the move for over a century, food is the closest thing that encapsulates the feeling of being rooted. Food tells us stories about politics, history, immigration, and identity. As the world is in the midst of a refugee crisis that parallels the fate of Armenians over a century ago, these stories are more important than ever.

November 21 | 5pm - 7pm

Collaborate Public Presentation
Location: Oxy Arts on York

Collaborate is a free series of seven workshops conceived and taught by Occidental College students to 6-8th graders in the local community. Join us to see collages, photographs and multimedia works generated in this workshop and celebrate our local youth artists. The students will present their work from the semester under the leadership of Miranda Gruber '21 and Ima Odong '21.


November 12 | 6pm - 8pm

AKOTFirmly Rooted: Chili Peppers & POC Cuisines - A Conversation and Tasting Led by Food-Based Collective Across Our Kitchen Tables
Location: Oxy Arts on York

Explore the origins of the chili pepper with this panel discussion and cross- cultural cooking demo/tasting led by local chefs. Follow the history of the chili pepper from its Meso and South American origins to its immersion in global culinary cultures. Learn about the chili pepper’s impact as it moved through colonial trade routes, bringing Mexican, African, and Asian cuisines together through shared, ancestral affinity to chili peppers; all in a spirit of decoloniality, conviviality, and solidarity. 


November 9 | 1pm - 6pm

Super 8Cinema Organica Super 8 Filmmaking Workshop with Echo Park Film Center
Location: Oxy Arts on York

Using old school Super 8 “home movie” cameras (provided), participants will work together to create a collaborative film about their neighborhood, then process the analog footage on-site using gathered fruit, flowers and leaves. By substituting organic material for toxic chemical developing agents, participants create vibrant works of art that celebrate and respect the community, ecology and the environment.


November 7  | 7pm - 9pm

Wheatfield - A ConfrontationLecture by Sami Siegelbaum on Agnes Denes' work Wheatfield - A Confrontation
Location: Oxy Arts on York

Wheatfield - A Confrontation, brought the legacy of 1970s Land Art into contact with rampant urban development occurring in the midst of a real estate speculation boom. Siegelbaum argues that the "confrontation" staged by Wheatfield is also key to understanding more recent and local controversies over gentrification and art's role within them.


Every Tuesday September 24, October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29  | 4pm - 6pm

Chai Chats

Chai Chats by Tea Afar
Location: Oxy Arts on York

Drop by to share tea and sweets from a different culture each week and chat about any and everything. Tea is the medium for a ritual that is practiced daily around the world. Though the ritual may vary, tea carves out time and space for hospitality, tradition and mediation. Come share with us. 






October 26 & 27  | 7pm - 9pm

GO HOMEPerformance by Jasmine Orpilla
GO HOME: Where the Heart is. Feed My Heart. Free My Hate.

Location: Oxy Arts on York

Performance artist Jasmine Orpilla, together with an ensemble of musicians, pays tribute to all those who guard any hope for humanity during times of war. Orpilla physically marks the symbolism of specific Filipino foods, minerals, materials and weaponry which ‘touch’ upon and ‘feed’ renowned anti-colonial warriors, activists and revolutionaries of the Philippines’ past. 


October 24 & November 3  | 6pm - 8pm

Head Bowls / Bread BowlsHead Bowls / Brain Bowls by artist Patricia Yossen | Two-Part Workshop 
Location: Oxy Arts on York

Yossen invites participants to confront the use of these objects by sculpting personalized ceramic bowls in the shape of their craniums. By personalizing the form of the food receptacle, Yossen hopes to steer participants towards a more intimate perspective, to encourage modified habits and assumptions. 

October 11  | 7pm - 9pm

FLEX by Carlon
Location: Oxy Arts on York

FLEX is a dance theater work in search of the Filipino American narrative. Dedicated to Jay Carlon’s father Honorio Carlon, an agricultural migrant worker who immigrated to California from the Philippines during the Great Depression for a better life and lived an untold American narrative.

October 9  | 7pm - 9pm

The Art of Food Writing Panelists

The Art of Food Writing
Location: Oxy Arts on York

LA Times food writers Alice Short, Jen Harris, and Lucas Peterson in conversation with LA Times Arts and Culture reporter Carolina Miranda. Moderated by Robert Sipchen, Occidental Professor and Pultizer Prize-winning career journalist and author.



September 28  | 6pm - 8pm

Miry's List

Miry's List New Arrival Supper Club Dinner
Location: Oxy Arts on York

Miry’s List is a nonprofit organization founded in Eagle Rock providing a mechanism to help families resettle in our communities as refugees. New Arrival Supper Club by Miry’s List is a social impact experience connecting people with their resettling neighbors through sharing a communal meal. 





September 25 | 7pm - 9pm

Broken Bread KCET Series Panel Discussion with Roy Choi and Guests
Location: Oxy Arts on York

Join us for a screening of Access, an episode of the KCET Original series Broken Bread. This episode features individuals bringing healthy and affordable food options into South L.A. communities who lack access to fresh food. Following the screening Chef Roy Choi, Süprmarkt’s Olympia Auset and executive producer Juan Devis will participate in a discussion about food equity in Los Angeles. Moderated by Oxy Professor Broderick Fox. 

September 21 | 11am - 1pm

Food Mapping with Treehouse Family Space
Location: Oxy Arts on York

Join Treehouse and Make Art Outside for an exploration and celebration of food cultures around the globe! Families are invited to create artworks of food to place on a large scale map to connect what we eat to different parts of the world. 



September 20  | 7pm - 9pm

Bitter Party logo

Bitter Party Performance, Literary Reading, and Gastro-Sonic Collaboration
Location: Oxy Arts on York

Bitter Party is a Los-Angeles-based ghost pop band inspired by war-era music from Asia and the melancholy of life. The band performs, reads, and discusses Ghost Pop, a book of stories that honors the unheard sounds that inspire the band's songs and pays tribute to spirits from distant times and places related to their personal and family history. The event will feature a sonic-gastronomical collaboration with food-based artist Genevieve Erin O’Brien. 



September 15  | 4pm - 7pm

A woman dances in the traditional Afro-Brazilian styleAfro-Brazilian Drumming, Dance, and Culinary Workshop
Location: Oxy Arts on York

Join multi-percussionist and educator Clarice Cast in a hands-on exploration of Afro-Brazilian rhythms, followed by a dance class with artist, educator, and community leader Shelby Williams-Gonzalez.

September 12 | 5pm-8pm

Breaking Bread in L.A. Opening ReceptionConnecting communities and cultures through food 
Location: Oxy Arts on York

As a space of belonging for geographically, culturally and socially diverse constituencies, we explore the inclusive culture of food and how it transcends conventional systems of power. Breaking Bread is an opportunity to consider our coexistence through food, find shared connections and practices and hold spaces within them to thrive.