Campus Dining Facilities Closed for Easter Sunday (4/12)


Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Campus Dining employees have continued to work seven days a week. These dedicated staff members provide not only the basics of sustenance and nutrition, but the equally essential comfort that food represents to the students and employees who remain on campus.

In recognition of their extraordinary commitment, one small compensation we can offer Dining employees is Easter at home with their families. We will be closing the Marketplace on Sunday, April 12.


Rest assured that Oxy students in residence will not go hungry. Having gone to take-out-only service in mid-March, most students have adapted by picking up multiple to-go meals at a time. We will have Easter and Passover microwaveable box meals for advance pick up for students to eat on Sunday. In addition, on Saturday, April 11, the Marketplace will offer our annual Spring Brunch menu, with traditional Easter and Passover foods.


Dining employees will still have a full work schedule for the week of Easter.


As always, we are happy to work with students with unique needs—please contact and let us know how we can help.