Suggestions Through 10/15/21

"Way more of these please:    Way less of these : thanks!"

"Way more of Nemos BANANA CAKE please. Way less of the Nemos CARROT CAKE bleh Thanks!"

Cup Noodles are always good to keep stocked!

Thank you for the feedback on the vending selections in the Snack Lounge of the Academic Commons! We have forwarded your suggestions to our vending company.

“The carmelized salmon belly and the Cajun salmon were the best things I've had here, also the street corn chowder”

Thank you for the compliments!

“As a vegan it had hard to find options without soy. There are many soy allergies on campus. Also if the mp is offering chicken for meat eaters a vegan substitute is not eggplant. WHILE eggplant is amazing and I’m happy that we have it here and it should be offered here, a vegan Protein is not eggplant. It’s lentils, beans or chickpeas. It would be nice to have grain options like wild rice or black rice or farro. And pasta like chickpea pasta or red lentils pasta . Vegan breakfast options also seem bare. On the weekends it’s nice to see the lentils. Chickpea scrambles would be great.”


“You should have more vegetarian options that aren't just instead of meat but are vegetarian to begin with”

We hear you!! New ingredients and recipes require staff time – and we’ve been working on a few changes. Please note some of these non-soy vegan highlights on the menu for the week of October 17:

Sunday 10/17

Dinner: Beyond Meatballs at Chef’s Corner

Monday 10/18

Lunch: Falafel at Homestyle, Protein Bowls w/Lentils & Chickpeas at Chef’s Corner
Dinner: Stuffed Peppers at Homestyle, Meatless Monday at Chef’s Corner

Tuesday 10/19

Lunch: Vegan BBQ Pizza at Chef’s Corner, Vegan Mac & Cheese at Sauté
Dinner: Bean Sopes at Homestyle

Wednesday 10/20

Lunch: Chinese Long Beans with Yakisoba Noodles at Sauté, Vegan Empanada at Homestyle
Dinner: Vegetarian 3 Bean Chili at Sauté, Blackened Cauliflower at Homestyle

Thursday 10/21

Lunch: Mushroom Carnitas at Homestyle, Vegan Pepperoni Pizza at Chef’s Corner          

Friday 10/22

Lunch: Heirloom Beans at Sauté, Kabocha at Homestyle, Mushroom & Adzuki at Chef’s Corner
Dinner: Black Bean Patty at Homestyle

“Soy isn’t everything especially for vegans. Even the vegan chili has soy. This sucks for soy allergies. For pasta days the tomato sauce could have lentils instead of those beef soy crumbles. Substitutions like that help”

Please note our section on vegan highlights, above. Given the multiple suggestions we received about the vegan chili, we are now making it with three different beans – no soy crumbles!        

If we are going to keep having soy for vegan options tempeh is a good option”

We are currently unable to obtain tempeh in bulk packaging. The smaller portions available from our suppliers are wasteful, in terms of packaging, as well as expensive, not to mention time consuming for the staff to open. Our intern team is researching other supply options.

“we want pecan pie!!! please !!! i am desperate”


“Pls make the pecan yall usually make during the fall. I love it. My people love it. This campus would be happier with it. Best, oxy student.”


“greetings happy fall! i would be thrilled to see pecan pie back in the mp <3 it’s my favorite dessert”


“Please bring back pecan pie”


“Please bring back the pecan pie this fall season. I had a slice about 2 years ago during the Fall semester, and it was the best piece of pie I have ever eaten. I dream about this pie. I tell everybody about this pie. During COVID I thought about this pie. Please bring back the pie. It would mean a lot to me as this is my final year here. Thank you for your consideration. “

We have purchased a commercial brand Pecan Pie, which you should see in the Marketplace this week. We hope to be able to make our homemade Pecan Pie sometime next month.

Regarding an inquiry into Oxy’s masking policy – yes, all employees (and customers) are required to be masked indoors, except when seated in the dining area and actively eating or drinking. If you observe an employee who is not following the policy, please contact us at with a description of the incident. Thank you!