“PLEASE get GF buns at the cooler for the burgers please <3”

The Tiger Cooler has ordered a small quantity of GF Burger buns to test out. If they move well, we will continue to order them. We also recently added GF bagels to our offerings.

“Is it possible to do vegan strawberry/granola/yogurt parfait cups??? im jealous of the people who get to eat them and I want more vegan breakfast options in general”

We currently have vegan parfaits made with coconut yogurt in the bakery case. We don’t sell very many so we don’t make very many, but we can increase the number made so you will have a better chance of getting one.

“can we have JUST egg or tofu scramble more often than just the weekends?? the vegan breakfast options are not good”

From Executive Chef Martin Fernandez,
This is something we have offered in the past with not much interest. I will look at our options with our vendors and see if there are products that we can add into our rotation. Adding a tofu scramble to the daily offerings may be a possibility. Please keep an eye out for this at the grill in the mornings. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at mfernandez2@oxy.edu. Thanks!
Also, the Tiger Cooler began ordering Just Egg this week to incorporate into the vegan breakfast sandwiches and breakfast burritos.

“keep the water jugs that are outside of the check out area, i like filling my water bottle there”

We intend to leave the water jugs in the hallways. We are trying to avoid as much congestion in the Marketplace as possible. 

“bring back the vegan zucchini bread and other vegan muffin options. dont get me wrong, the banana muffins are good. but other options would be a so fun”

Thanks for your suggestion! We will start including the vegan zucchini muffins in our regular rotation at the Bakery.

“The MP rarely has gluten free options. For a school that prides itself on its diverse food options, why do you practically never have gluten free. Most of the time I can find gluten free pastries at the Cooler, but when the Cooler is closed in the morning, the MP should fill in and provide gluten free pastries (not just gf muffins once or twice a week). Also, the meal (especially the stir fry line or morning French toast and waffle line) never has a gf option.”

From Executive Chef Martin Fernandez, 
Can you please reach out to me directly at Mfernandez2@oxy.edu so we may discuss this in detail. I will need to include the dietician as well. I'd like to look at your needs and consider what necessary steps we can take moving forward. Thank You!
Also the stir fry line does have a gluten free option instead of noodles you can ask for rice, as all of the toppings and sauce are gluten free. 

“I would appreciate if dining considered getting nicer chopsticks. It seems small but they are so cheap they never snap evenly and it’s a big taboo associated with bad luck in many Asian cultures.”

For the Tiger Cooler, Campus Dining does not order them. The chopsticks are provided to us by our sushi supplier. As for the Marketplace, those are the only ones our supplier has. 

“I don’t know why but every time I get fruit from the bar, it tastes like someone cut a bunch of onions/garlic and then used the same knife to cut the fruit. Either that, or someone rubbed their dirty hands on the fruit. I also usually get a really upset stomach, what feels like food poisoning, when I eat the fruit. Perhaps it is because it is a self serve station and some people put the serving utensil everyone has touched in the sea of fruit or grabs the fruit with their hands. I’m not sure where the problem stems, but it would be nice to get to the bottom of it.”

Sorry that your experience with cut fruit hasn't been the best. The fruit is prepared on fruit only cutting boards and there is some fruit that arrives fresh prepared/ sliced. If you are concerned with the self-serve aspect, I would recommend enjoying the whole fruit that is available near the deli station or pre packaged options when available.

“I’m a bit concerned about the omelet station on weekends. I’ve noticed several times that you all just wipe out the pans and use the same utensils (spatulas, etc.) regardless of what’s in the pan. Is there any way that at the very least you could use separate utensils for omelets with meat and those without? I’m vegetarian and would love to have an omelet but can’t because the utensils have touched meat. This is also an issue for those who cannot have meat (for dietary or religious reasons).”

We have vegan and allergen pans available at each station. Please ask the cook at the station to swap out a new pan for your specific dietary restriction. Please let me know if we would like to discuss this further, Martin Fernandez, mfernandez2@oxy.edu

“Could you try steaming the potatoes for the Wednesday night potato bar? They’re always very dry and even just adding a pan of water to the oven they’re cooking in might help”

The potatoes are prepared in our ovens with oil, salt and pepper.  If you find an issue with any of the food moving forward, please check in with a manager on duty.

“We love the marketplace! Do you cut the melon in the kitchen or does it come pre-cut? We are curious.”

Thanks for the love! On average, we serve approximately 300 pounds of cut fruit daily and, currently, we cut about 75% in house and 25% comes in pre-cut.

“i just wanna say to whoever is making the carrot cake: i owe my life to you. it is so so good and i get it 7 days a week. so fluffy, so moist, the perfect combo of sweet and tart. outstanding outstanding job.”

So glad you are enjoying the carrot cake! We currently don't have the oven space or personnel to produce cakes at the rate they are consumed in the MP so we order our carrot cake premade.

“whatever the specialty salad was monday october third with the lemon dressing and the chickpeas and cauliflower and spinach slapped so hard please do that again i ate it yesterday and today”

We are glad you enjoyed it! We will keep it in our rotation.

“The Korma served on 10/5/22 for dinner was insanely delicious bring it back ASAP. Need that coconut curry at least once a week!”
“I really enjoyed the korma dish served on 10/5/22. It was very delicious I ended up getting two plates. Please bring this back my friends and I enjoyed this dish.”
“THE KORMA WAS AMAZING. Every time I tried it, my taste buds exploded. Weekly Must have”
“Korma curry was great, also I liked the custom sandwich station when it was around!”
“The chicken korma tonight was delicious. I would love to see it in the mp more!”
“Korma was gas pack”

Thank you all for these amazing compliments! We have shared them with our kitchen staff.

I am very grateful for the Oxy Dinning staff and all of their hard work this year. However, I have noticed that the meal options at the MP are much more limited this year compared to last year. I wish the custom sandwich/wrap station would open again because that was something I really enjoyed last year. Also, sometimes the Oxy website says that Homestyle will be serving a meal and then when I go to the MP, the Homestyle station is closed. I have heard that much of this is due to Oxy Dinning services being understaffed but I was hoping this issue would be resolved sooner into the school year. I don’t want to discredit the hard work that the Oxy Dinning Staff puts in to make sure we have dinning options everyday, I just wanted to suggest more variety and options for food at Oxy, since we already have less dinning halls in comparison to other colleges. Thank you.”

Thank you for your suggestion. Thank you for understanding our issues and also complimenting our staff's hard work. We are in the process of hiring more staff so we can begin to offer more options. If the online menu states there is a Homestyle, it may be being served at chefs corner as well. Please read the posted signage or ask a manager on duty if you have questions. We will try to offer more variety and options moving forward. Thank you for your patience.

“Please please please ask Ubardelli to get persimmons for the marketplace, they were there last season and they are so good. please persimmons in the mp”

As you may have seen already, the Marketplace currently has persimmons.

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Johnson Student Center

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