Suggestions Through 10/4/18

Thank you SO MUCH for providing Beyond Burgers at the Cooler, they're so good and EVERYONE I've talked to loves it so much!!!

Thank you! We are glad that you are enjoying them!
Can y'all go back to the old style of feta and cheese breakfast pastries? These new ones have no feta and aren't gooey!!!t
Be on the lookout for these on Tuesday and Thursday mornings! 
Can you please stock the Pretzel Crisps "everything" flavor in the Marketplace? The original is good but the everything is better. Thanks!
Unfortunately our vendors do not carry the size that we carry in the Marketplace. We will carry them should our vendor ever supply them.
Hi there, a lot of the time the staff at Homestyle give a normal-sized portion to men and give disproportionately less food to women. Please give equal portions to everyone. Thanks!
Please reach out to us as we would like more information about this i.e., Does this happen to you specifically or did you witness this happen? Please note that if this didn't happen to you, our staff is greatly familiar with the student body and at times remembers who regularly asks for smaller portions. 
Please have ranch in either packets or in the squirty things in the dining area. Also, please have bleu cheese salad, salad with fruits, and salad with mozzerella balls. They are all very yummy. :) 
While the Cooler does not offer ranch in a dispenser as at the Marketplace, ranch is available in several formats. Ranch packets are available for salads, cups as a dip, and ranch is available to be added onto or on the side of all grill orders. All are requested through the cashier.  Bleu cheese dressing was also added as a dressing option this semester, and will only continue based on sales. Bleu cheese may be found in some of our specialty salads offered on a rotating basis, such as the recent Cobb and an upcoming spring mix with dried fruit. Salads must be rotated to maintain interest, and also to provide options to those who do not prefer cheese of any kind. 
Please stock Spam in the Cooler!!! Me and my friends would appreciate it :)
We think this is the first request we have had for SPAM. Perhaps we can do something with Spam as part of a late night special, but we do not see it becoming a part of the regular menu at this time.
Would there be any way to have rice available during breakfast at the marketplace?
We are definitely willing to give this a try. With that said, please understand that we may not be able to provide this daily but we will try our best!
I don't get a lot of vegetables because salad hurts my stomach. When I get stir-fry made to order on Mondays and Wednesdays, they do not let me get double broccoli. We need 3-4 servings of vegetables per day and I get less than 1 serving. 3 small pieces of broccoli at the stir-fry station and 2 baby carrots from homestyle do not sustain me walking to and from upper campus in the heat and sleep deprivation, homework, clubs, challenging classes, office hours. It would be helpful if we were able to get more broccoli when I get stir-fry and I should get a bigger serving of vegetables from homestyle and just in general. The food is often quite cold too, and that hurts my stomach. Thank you.
Please contact and make an appointment with Associate Director Robert Starec ( You can best help you with individualized ingredient advice and help you meet your nutritional needs. We are sorry that you were not allowed double broccoli and are currently working with the cooks, as there are many new cooks working the station. Please note that if you ask for double broccoli at stir fry this would count as 2 of the 4 toppings you are allotted. At homestyle you are always welcomed to ask for an extra serving of vegetables but you will be charged accordingly. The homestyle station does have controlled portions which is why we are able to keep the price so low compared to other stations. As for your food being cold, please bring your food to the cashier stand so that we can address this issue as soon as it happens. 
Can we get vegan whole wheat pancakes/waffle batter over the weekend? I always crave them but never seem to find them available at the MP :(
Hi! Is there a vegan waffle batter available on the weekends by any chance? If so, do you mind putting it out next to the other ones? I'm always too afraid to ask because I have anxiety so I would love it if the MP had a separate batch of batter labeled vegan out on the side. Thank you!
Our vegan & gluten free pancake mix was discontinued by our supplier. We are currently looking for a new product. Be patient with us as this may take some time.
I LOVE the vegan choco chip cookies y'all make but can you please bake them for longer? Every time I get them, they taste a bit raw and I can taste the baking powder/soda in it. Thanks!
The cookie batter is lower in moisture than conventional cookies. If we over bake them, they will dry out and most likely have the consistency (but nto taste) of a dog biscuit! So yes, we do slightly under cook the vegan cookies. 
Are the nutrition facts listed under the vegan muffins in the spreadsheet accurate? Are they really less than 300 calories?
Yes, these are as close as possible. The vegan muffins are prepared with applesauce to reduce the oil. They also don't have the milk, eggs or butter that add the calories to regular muffins. If you happen to get a vegan muffin that contains chocolate chunks however, add some calories because the nutrition facts do not account for them. 
can we please get vegan pizzas by the slice at the cooler??? i really want to eat pizza sometimes and can never get a vegan option
Well the Tiger Cooler always has vegan pizza available, we do not have it available by the slice very often. Unlike other styles of pizza, the vegan option does not sell quick enough to preserve quality and avoid waste.
I love when the MP has brussel sprouts!! Please consider adding them as an option in the salad bar or the grill station, they're super high in protein which is helpful for vegetarians and vegans!!
Just an FYI, while Brussels sprouts are higher in protein than many green vegetables (3g per cup) they are also a very good source of fiber (3.3g per cup). We do understand your love for Brussels sprouts and try to incorporate them as much as possible at our hot food stations. However, cooking and chilling them is quite labor intensive, making them not the best candidate for the salad bar. If we held them at the grill this would require more equipment that we just don't have the space for.
Was surprised to read a couple comments saying the cupcakes in the cooler were not that good (they look pretty good) so decided to try one. Tried the pumpkin one and I really liked it! And it's gluten free :)
Thank you for your compliment! Help us spread the word, tell your friends that they are in fact tasty!