Suggestions Through 11/21/19

“Can we please have the beef barria soon??? Thank you so so much”

We served this dish Wednesday October 30th at Homestyle. We hope you had a chance to enjoy it.

“A favorite sandwich of mine is a hummus and veggie wrap. I usually do spinach wrap, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, bell peppers and hummus. At the sandwich bar in the marketplace I have not seen bell peppers. If those could be added to the bar that would be great. They add a very good crunch to the wrap. Thank you for all the hard work you do.”

Bell peppers are very labor intensive to prep on a daily basis. Buying them pre-cut is too expensive, which in turn would cause us to raise our prices at the sandwich station. When we occasionally have bell peppers on the salad bar, you are welcome to bring a small paper bowl of them to the sandwich station, to be added as one of your ingredients.

“Hi! Every Thursday at lunch the Grill Station menu says you have vegan Japanese Spring rolls, yet you never have them. I have waited in the long line for them many times only to find out that you are actually only serving the egg rolls. Today a vegan friend of mine was served an egg roll and was told it was vegan only to figure out it was the non-vegan egg roll. Luckily she didn't eat it! Can you please either have a vegan spring roll on Thursday or update the menu? Thanks"

We are sorry for the confusion. We are continuously working with our staff on training to prevent mis-communications. We have since talked to our kitchen staff and have trained them with the correct knowledge. The Japanese Spring Rolls should regularly be at the grill on Thursdays, during lunch.

“Why does the Grill's black board menu list tofu as an option along with Salmon and Beef yet they don't regularly have tofu? It has been this way for years and is a bit confusing/unfair to the vegans/vegetarians for you to advertise something that is not being served”

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The tofu plate/sandwich was not selling well enough to keep its place on the menu. We have replaced it with a vegan bratwurst, and revised the menu boards. We hope that this product will be in higher demand. Try it out and let us know what you think!

[Tiger Cooler] “Just read one of the suggestions on asian foods and couldn’t agree more, but a recipe suggestion that could be cooked on the griddle is just grilled/pan fried pork belly w. kimchi(if it can be supplied).”

Out of respect for our customers who don't eat pork, we prefer not to cook pork items side by side with other items on the griddle. We are continuing to look for new Asian recipes, and hope you are enjoying the new recipes we have produced for the Marketplace.

“Can we get a panini machine! and ciabatta bread and spinach!!!!!”


“Can we get spinach at the salad bar”

Panini presses slow down the sandwich line. Offering one as self-service would open up a host of cross-contact and cleaning issues. We sometimes have a panini press at the sandwich station during our slower periods (winter, spring, summer, and fall breaks). If you are here during a break we hope you enjoy it! Look for the ciabatta bread in spring semester. We are going to try rotating it in, and see how it sells. As for spinach, it is by far the most expensive variety of greens, too pricey for the salad bar. The sandwich station doesn't have room for more toppings. This fall we have increased the number of specialty salads that contain spinach, and we try to offer it with some frequency at Homestyle.

“can we get the vegan banana muffins with the dar chocolate chips inside eof them? Those were the BEST”

You should have already seen these back in our rotation!

“The stir fry with the fried rice at the Organic Bar was one of my favorite Marketplace meals! Please have it more often!”

We are glad you enjoyed this.

“Thank you for implementing our suggestions! :)”

You’re welcome ;)

“The vegan eggplant roulade (10/25) was so good!! Made my entire day :)”

Thank you!

“The burritos appearing in place of the usual Saturday omelets is a tragedy”


“Custom breakfast burritos again before the end of the semester!”

As you can see, we deal with multiple opinions. We do like to try offer different options, especially when we know that we will have additional guests on campus. The line for the burritos tends to go faster than that for omelets.

Recently I tired the stir fry chicken (Tuesday’s and and Thursday’s) and it tasted different. Upon further reflection I realized it’s because it’s gluten free now. Is there chance we can go back to the old chicken. I was my favorite meal and I miss it dearly.”


“I heard the stir fry chicken (Tues/Thurs @ grill) is now gluten free. Before the recipe was changed, the stir fry chicken was one of my friends and I’s favorite meals. Now it tastes different and we think the old one was much better. Was wondering if we could go back to the previous recipe because that one was so good! Thanks!”

You are correct we did change the recipe for the stir-fry chicken served at the Grill. It is now being offered as a gluten free item. The dietary demographic is constantly changing, and we felt it was necessary to make this change to offer additional gluten free options on campus.

[Tiger Cooler] “Lately I have been disappointed with the breakfast service. When I go for breakfast they claim to have ran out of breakfast burritos or from what I was told by the cashier they made less for the day.
Also for dinner service there are never pizzas or the pizzas are burnt. Or they claim to have ran out of chicken or from what the cashiers say there was nothing prepped. I know that the cooler has been experiencing staff shortages but maybe a sign at the cashier stand can state what you have or don’t have”

Please provide us with specifics (date and time) should you experience any product that is unsatisfactory. Breakfast Burritos and Sandwiches are expected to run out, because they cannot be re-served if not sold, so come early ;-). As for the pizzas, we sometimes do run out between 7-8 pm because we are rotating staff and breaks, and the grill orders are a priority at this time.

[Green Bean] “Can we please be able to order Iced Tea Lemonades on the GET app? Right now we can't even order flavored iced tea. I would love to be able to order Matcha Lattes as well, but I understand that you all don't offer that since it runs out quickly. But if you can order flavored lemonades online it seems like iced tea lemonades and flavored iced teas should be doable. Thanks for the great drinks!”

We have forwarded this request to the Green Bean student management team.

[Library] “Please refill the water jugs for the hot/cold water!”

We have forwarded this to the Library staff.

“OMG! The Potato Soup today is the BOMB!!! Can we please have it once a week? Seriously! It's that good.”

We are glad you enjoyed it!

“I loved the pad see ew that the MP served this past week! The noodles were so great! Would it be possible to have it again before the end of the semester?
Thank you!!!!”


“We should get the Pad See ew more often. It tasted great!”

Thank you! It was our first time trying this recipe and are happy to hear you enjoyed it. It will make a reappearance before the semester is over.

“Can you replace the 350ml Just Water in the MP with the bigger 500ml bottle? I always finish the 350ml bottle in just a few gulps... It's too small for me. Also, can we change the ph+ water with that red sports cap to just normal, natural water (like Arrowhead maybe)? I don't really like water with added ph, or ions, or weird stuffs like that. Thanks!”

The Marketplace offers the smaller size of Just Water because the Tiger Cooler already offered the bigger size and we don’t want to create a confusion for the cashiers at both dining facilities. The Aqua Hydrate is our best-selling water, so we wouldn’t consider switching it out. We intentionally do not offer other conventional bottled waters, because Just Water is more sustainable. 

[Tiger Cooler] “The Cooler should have some place to refill water bottles, inside the building. What about replacing the old water fountains to the new ones with the filling spout?”

We will discuss this with Facilities. In the meantime, there is a water bottle filling fountain on the front patio of Sam Pav or bottles can be filled at the coffee counter of the Tiger Cooler.

“I am so happy there are so many vegetarian options, but I think they could be improved if there were less soy options and more entrees like mushrooms or eggplants”

This is a popular suggestion. While some people prefer the soy based options, others prefer the plant based options, and some people enjoy both. Here are the non-soy based entrees we offered last week alone; At Homestyle we offered Cheese Enchiladas, Jerk Roasted Squash, Baked Ziti, Mushroom Bulgogi and Nopal (Cactus) Sopes. At Chef’s Corner on Monday, we had Grilled Portobello and at the Organic Bar on Thursday, we had Stuffed Portobello. The Organic Potato Bar on Wednesdays is another option.

[Tiger Cooler] “Can we get tater tots in the cooler at nighttime, like Friday and Saturday nights?”

At this time, we must be very selective with the types of items offered late Fridays and Saturdays. With limited staff, even with a reduced menu, or a simple fried item like tots, it can be difficult to balance responsibilities and keep up with demand. We can perhaps revisit once our staffing situation improves.

“what are the calories in the southwestern egg rolls? (it's not in the google sheet) Also, is it possible to add cauliflower rice to the grill options? If you buy it prepped already, it's easily to make, is a healthy alternative to rice, and completes the real foods challenge”

The calories for the southwestern chicken egg rolls are 190 per egg roll. Unfortunately, Cauliflower rice does not hold as well as white or brown rice. It is also quite expensive to purchase already prepped. It doesn’t necessarily meet the Real Food Challenge. In order to do so, a product must qualify as local and/or organic by their metrics. That said, we sometimes offer Riced Cauliflower or Cauliflower Grits in recipes at other stations.

“Polish Pierogi with potatoes"

Look for this next semester.

“If we could have avocado dressing in the salad bar as a dressing option that would be great!"


Avocado dressing routinely makes an appearance in our specialty salads. If we added avocado dressing to the salad bar we would have to remove one that is there now which we don’t want to do. When the avocado dressing is at the specialty salad, you can ask for a cup of the dressing.


“Is your naan bread vegan?"


The naan is not vegan but is vegetarian. It contains dairy.


“Loved the protein bowl served on 11/18! I'd love to have it again next semester if at all possible :)"


Thank you! You will see this again next semester.


“The carrots they make at home style are absolutely amazing!!!!!!"




“The Udon bar was amazing! please have it again soon :)"


Thank you!!


"Please do the little shells more often for pasta! They’re delish! (Also more butter chicken would be appreciated"


Glad you enjoyed the shells. Butter chicken will make a reappearance before this semester is over.