“i would love if there was tofu at the grill station!!”

The Grill station has Tofu to order (sandwich or with rice) Monday through Friday at lunch, and Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Dinner. Please ask!


“Can we please have more Asian food? It's been hard for my Asian friends and I to feel like we have enough to eat, especially on the days where there are no Asian options.”


"I suggest that the MP provides more variety in hot breakfast foods, especially Asian breakfast foods like buns and a congee bar. (rice cooked in 3 times regular amount of water and then people choose their toppings like meat, eggs, green onions. like savory oatmeal)"


"More Asian food please!”

We reached out to students for more suggestions for Asian cuisine for lunch and dinner and have received some great responses! Turning your suggestions into reality takes a bit of time, but please watch for changes. In the meantime we hope you enjoy these highlights in the Marketplace for the week of November 7:

Monday 11/8 Lunch: Spicy Mandarin Chicken or Tofu, Ponzu Glazed Salmon Belly

Soup of the Day: Miso Tofu and Noodles

Tuesday 11/9 Lunch: Vietnamese Lettuce Cups made with Turkey or Mung Beans

Wednesday 11/10 Lunch: Spicy Almond Chicken or Tofu

Friday 11/12 Lunch: Pork or Cauliflower Bahn Mi 

Friday 11/12 Dinner: Chicken or Tofu Yakisoba

“Hi! Can we please get the mushrooms back at the sandwich station? Without it, the vegans and vegetarians who don't like to eat soy don't really have anything to get from the sandwich station :(“

The mushrooms are back at the sandwich station :)

“I went to what the market place around five to get a vegan wrap for dinner and the lady said that the sandwich bar was closed and re-directed me to some sandwiches at the salad station that weren’t vegan. The sandwich bar supposed to stay open throughout dinner so I am confused and a bit irritated as to why it was closed so early. This situation left me scrambling on what I was gonna have for dinner that day which was very unsettling considering everything that I already have to deal with as a athlete and full time college student. What sucks is that the sandwich bar is open for dinner. I’ve seen it open for dinner. What baffles me is that the person running that station was there stocking things away in what looked like a fridge. And again the sandwiches that they had pre made weren’t vegan. They weren’t even vegetarian they were all meat driven”

We’re so sorry - the evening of your visit we had to close the sandwich station due to an unexpected lack of staff to make sandwiches to order throughout the dinner meal. The employee you observed was breaking down and cleaning the station. That said, there should have been vegan and vegetarian sandwiches available along with the other selections. We have been monitoring this ever since. We hope that, on the evenings when we do have to close the station, you will see that the selection of grab & go options is much wider now. 

“there was mold on the sliced cheese at the burger station tonight 10/24 just an fyi”

Thank you for letting us know. We’ve checked our cheese supplies and alerted the Sunday team. 

“Please have more options that are both gluten free and vegetarian!”

We’ll work on it! If you have specific suggestions could you please write back to us? We’re creating menus for spring 2022 now. 

“Can you get gluten free burger buns? it’s inedible to have a burger on slices of gf bread”

Yes! The GF buns are back at the Grill. Please ask! There is an additional charge of $1 because these buns are 4x the cost of a regular bun.  

“I feel like the workers in the market place could be a little nicer. I understand you’re understaffed and it’s stressful but i know multiple people who have said they been yelled at or talked to rudely by the market place staff. this is also not an issue at the cooler so idk.”

Thank you for expressing this. Times have been challenging to everyone, but we all should be treating each other kindly. We’ll work with the staff. That said, it is most helpful if we hear directly about employee concerns by submitting date, time, station and a description of the incident. That helps us with our coaching. This information can be submitted anonymously through the suggestion box, or sent to dining@oxy.edu for a personal response. 

“over the summer you had these amazing bacon chive cheese scones please bring them back thanks”


“I would love to see more scones again, like the lemon scones I saw once over the summer or the bacon chive cheese scones. Thank you!”

Good news! The Bacon Cheddar Scones will make a special appearance at the Bakery this Sunday November 7 for brunch. They are labor intensive and we can only make a few dozen. Come get them while they're hot!  This week the Bakers made Cranberry Scones. We hope you had a chance to enjoy them. 

[Martketplace] "i wish i didn’t have to wait 45 minutes for each meal." 

Most  rushes at the Marketplace subside within 20 minutes. If you are waiting longer, it may be for a specific item, such as pizza, which is made in batches, or a particularly popular homestyle. 45 minutes is too long however  - if you experience this, please use the suggestion box or  email dining@oxy.edu within 24 hours, with some specifics (date, time, station)  and we will investigate what happened.

If you have the ability to adjust your schedule, these tend to be the busiest times in the Marketplace:

Breakfast Rush: Weekdays 8 - 8:30a.m. and 9 - 10a.m.

Brunch Rush: Saturday 12:30 - 1p.m. Sunday 12 - 12:30p.m.

Lunch Rush: 

M-W-F  11:45a.m. - 12:30p.m. and 1-1:30p.m.

T-Th  11:45a.m. - 12:45p.m.

Dinner Rush: Sunday - Thursday 6 - 7:30p.m.

If you don’t have the ability to adjust your schedule on a given day, we suggest going to a station where the line is short or moving quickly. This depends on the menu of the day at each station, but typically the grill line - where items are made to order -  moves less quickly. 

“can we try to work on the cross contamination. there’s often chunks of meat that fall into the veggitarian [sic] mix”

Meat mixed with vegan or vegetarian entrees is not acceptable. When space permits we keep vegetarian  food away from meat entrees, to avoid cross contact.. When cross contact occurs and is noticed by the employee, that the whole pan should be taken away and replaced with a new pan.  

At the omelet station when a piece of ham or turkey falls into a vegetarian omelet we should offer to start a new serving.

The chefs would like to hear more specifics -  at which station we are having  these issues,  and when?Ideally we would  like you  to bring it up right when it happens so that we can put a solution to the problem, coach the employees involved, or change the setup to prevent the problem from happening again. If you see something, please say something!

“I’ve got fruits that were not fresh and hot dog with mold on the bread from cooler.”

The cut fruit is packaged and rotated daily. The whole fruit has not been selling quickly enough to prevent overripening. Even limiting orders, we are having to find ways to utilize unsold fruit before it is lost to spoilage. All of the bread/buns at the Cooler are vegan, organic and, unlike most commercial breads, contain no preservatives. This limits the breads’ shelf life. Despite receiving daily deliveries, less popular varieties may not get used quickly enough or may not have been rotated properly. If you are ever dissatisfied with a product, please return it to the cashier for a refund. Thank you!


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