“Hello, I would like you to consider bringing back to made-to-order sandwiches. This has always been the shortest line in the MP, and the easiest food to get there. The grab-and-go sandwich station is an inconvenience and I believe many would be happy to see the sandwich station returned back to its original function.”

Thank you for your comment. Please look for the return of sandwiches to order in January 2023.

“Please consider bringing chicken tenders to the cooler on demand, like mozzarella sticks and french fries!”

While we know that chicken tenders would be popular, we do not have the capacity to offer them as part of the daily menu. With just one small capacity fryer, we must limit fried items to those which are vegetarian. We do offer tenders on occasion as an off menu special when the pizza oven is not in use.

“It'd be great if you brought back made to order sandwiches, or had the mozzarella pesto one vegetarian sometimes. Also you often don't give enough of the vegetarian options bc the protein is not the same as chicken or other meat. Weekend food options are terrible and not everyone can afford to eat off campus that often. At least open the cooler at 1:30 on Sundays too I literally couldn't eat anything last Sunday until 5.”

Thank you for your comment. Please look for the return of sandwiches to order at the Deli Station in January 2023. In the future, please ask for the Manager on Duty in the MP if it appears that there are not viable options for your particular tastes or dietary preferences. We are here to help you find what you need and can often point out options that you may not have been aware of.

“Bring back the music”

We are working on this.

“Use less oil on the potatoes on Wednesday they create so much liquid and moisture on their own and when I grab them sometimes they are so wet and oily”

We use minimal oil in the preparation of the potatoes for the potato bar. If you're having difficulty using the tongs to grab the potato please ask for assistance, we’d be happy to help. 

“It would be really great if the Cooler could serve Chicken tenders/nuggets as an all day every day option! These would be a slightly healthier snack option to the mozzarella sticks, fries, and onion rings that are currently available. I think it would be easy to implement because they can just be thrown in the frier with the other items. My friends and I all agree that this would be a really great addition to the current Cooler options! Thank you for considering!”

The oil in the fryer at the Tiger Cooler must be maintained as vegetarian. For this reason, chicken nuggets or tenders cannot be prepared in the fryer. Instead, they are offered on occasion as an off-menu special

“Please keep the Madagascar Vanilla Almond Kind Bars in stock!!! They are everyone’s favorite and they are the best because they only have 4g of sugar but 6g of protein!!! Thank you!!!!!”

Sometimes all the flavors are not available, as of today they are stocked.

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