Suggestions Through 12/16/17

"I love the red velvet cake, the strawberry cake, and the pecan pie!! I’d love to see more of them at the mp/cooler!"

These items are provided through Susina Bakery. They are typically ordered 2-4 times per week depending on sales. Red Velvet is among the most popular and tends to be fairly standard. Other varieties are offered on a rotating basis. Some, like pecan pie and pumpkin tart, are more seasonal, so look for new dessert items to rotate in.

"Do breakfast for dinner! It’s delicious! And a nice change from the usual options."

We did! We hope you came to dinner on the first day of finals - December 5. We will repeat Breakfast for Dinner during finals in spring.

"I've never seen it before today, but I just wanted to say that the tater tots beef lasagna was so delicious! "

That was a new recipe. It was very well received - so we'll be sure to serve it again. Good comfort food for the winter months!

On dec 1st, there were many corn kernels in my corn muffin. I have had them many times before and this has never been a problem. Please make sure the corn is ground properly!

We buy a frozen, pre-packaged batter for all the muffins except the vegan varieties (which are made from scratch). So, what you experienced was a production error from the manufacturer. It hasn't repeated (to our knowledge), but we'll keep an eye out. Thanks for letting us know.

Can we get vegan lemon poppyseed muffins?

We'll experiment over the break and see if we can come up with a recipe you'll like!