Suggestions Through 12/6/18

"We would love garlic aioli! Especially if it’s vegan!"

A garlic aioli does sound appealing, but to offer it daily may require eliminating or relocating something else from the refrigerated sandwich prep area. We may try this as part of a late night special first, before moving forward with a full-time offering.

"Hi! I would really like it if we could have sweet potato fries more often instead of only on Fridays. What do you think?"

Sweet potato fries are more expensive than the regular fries that we use. At the Marketplace we do try to incorporate them into some special meals and sometimes you can find them on Tuesday night, served with chicken tenders. They may make an appearance sometime next week, be on the lookout. The Tiger Cooler also tries to use them on Fridays and Saturdays during their special meals. 

"Please have an option for students who just want spinach or arugula (don’t need both but at least just one by itself)! The mixed greens aren’t cool."

Both arugula and spinach are far more expensive than romaine or iceberg lettuce. Because of the price difference, we cannot put them out on the salad bar. We do offer arugula and spinach in our rotations of the specialty salads. 

"The Fruit-by-the-Foot is 10x more fun and tastier than the Fruit Roll-Ups. Please have these all the time ❤️❤️"

While we attempt to order these and other products on a regular basis, our supplier is routinely out-of-stock. It will be back.

"Late night library food options!!"

These are on the way! Next semester two new vending machines will be installed inside the Library in a small lounge area on the first floor. One will feature Seattle's Best Coffee beverages, and the other will have salad, sandwiches, soup, and entrees. 

"Please bring back Redbull - a student about to have finals"

Unfortunately, we cannot bring back redbull but we do have other options. The Marketplace carries Hi-Ball in rotating flavors and Uptime in both sugar free and regular options. The Tiger Cooler carries Bang in assorted flavors, 5-Hour Energy and Guayaki Yerba Mate in assorted flavors.

"Please will you provide RX bars for student purchase"
"Please will you provide RX bars for student purchase"
"Please can you order RX bars"
"RX bars please! :) thank you!!"
"get RX bars!"

We recently received a few cases that we will offer at the Coffee Cart. If they sell well, we may continue to carry them there as a replacement for other bars which are being discontinued.

RX Bars are considerably more expensive than all other bars offered at the Marketplace and the Tiger Cooler. Adding them at either location might cause confusion for the cashiers. 

"Hi :) Would you be able to sell BarkThins chocolate in the MP?"

Any new items that we may consider carrying must meet our Real Food Challenge Commitment. Bark Thins do not meet the requirements. 

"Not everyone gets the same amount of toppings at the stir-fry station. I sometimes get less than other people. Can you please require the employees to give everyone the same amount since we are paying the same amount, and should receive equality considering our tuition at this school? Thanks!"

We will do portion re-training over Winter Break, but in the meantime you should bring any issues of small portions to a manager or chef.  

"In response to that immature comment about meatless Monday and Indian food in general, you are being very culturally insensitive and some would even say racist. I, and many other students, greatly appreciate meatless Monday for it offers delicious Indian food to Oxy. A big thank you to the chefs who work tirelessly to make it happen. Don't let a few inconsiderate students ruin your day. MORE OF US APPRECIATE YOU and the food you make with LOVE!"

Thank you for expressing your opinion. We have passed your words of appreciation on to our cooks :-)

"The Cooler won’t cut steak anymore which would be fine if the meat was a bit less tough. The utensils available to students are not sharp enough to cut steak, no matter how it  is cooked."

We apologize for this. Please note that we only cut up the steak for the heart healthy plate and the rice bowls. Should this happen to you in the future, please ask a manager or supervisor at the Tiger Cooler to have it cut. 

"What is your recipe for the chicken tinga tostadas? So yummy!"

We asked the chef for the recipe - watch this space....