Suggestions Through 1/31/18

"Please put the more experienced staff on the pasta station. The line is over a 30 minute wait."

It's not always possible to put the most experienced cooks on pasta preparation - but when we can, we do ;-). Most days and meals you have multiple hot food stations to choose from (and just about everything is quicker than pasta to order), but Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30pm - 5:00pm Pasta is the only hot option at the Marketplace aside from soup. If you don't care for the "Pasta of the Day", and you find the wait to be beyond what you can manage during those times, you may want to try the Cooler, which has quicker options. 

"I have two suggestions concerning vegan options in the marketplace. I love how accommodating our cafeteria is and appreciate their effort to allow vegans to eat easily. However, my suggestions are about the pasta of the day and the sandwich bar. Simply, I would appreciate if occasionally the pasta of the day was vegan friendly as vegans could get pasta without waiting in the long pasta to order line on some days. Secondly, in regards to the tofu that is served in the sandwich bar, I would like it so much more if the tofu were baked or marinated or flavored in some way. I like tofu but it is a bland taste when it's cold and unseasoned. Again I love my dining hall and appreciate everything they do!!! "

We wish that a vegan "Pasta of the Day" sold well, but it typically sells less than a quarter of what we sell when the day's offering has cheese in it. That said, we'll still occasionally offer a vegan selection. Better news on the Tofu at the Sandwich Station - this semester we started a new recipe. First we bake the Organic Tofu, then marinate it in the same sauce used for the Shitake Mushrooms - Tamari Sesame Ginger - yum!

"The salmon the last two nights has been delicious! "

We're glad to hear you enjoyed the Blackened Salmon at Homestyle over winter break. It will return!

"The white bean and vegan ham stuffed tomatoes (wed 1/24 lunch) were one of the best meals I’ve had at Oxy! Please bring them back :)"

We will!

"I love the banana nut bread and the zucchini bread but I would love, love, love pumpkin bread to be an option sometimes. I’ve discussed this with a few friends and they agreed with me that they would eat this." 

We typically have Pumpkin Muffins year-round. We make Pumpkin Bread occasionally - it tends to be seasonal for fall. But we'll give it a try this semester too.