"more mexican wedding cookies please!"

Sorry our kitchen has been experiencing an extreme staff shortage. When we can get back to our full staffing we will make sure they are made regularly. Until then, we will try to make them as often as possible.

“Please use bigger plates and serve bigger portions for breakfast. The plates you’re using are too small. We need more food, especially more tater tots.”

More recently staff has been assigned from other areas to fill in and/help other departments. Our plate sizes are the same on every station and our portions are based on the size of the spoons. You are more than welcomed to ask for more food but please note that you will be charged accordingly. 

“last semester the veggie option was stuffed peppers at home style and they were so good! could you make them again”

We will work this into our rotation of Homestyle options. We are glad that you enjoyed them!

“I've been looking for ways to diversify my salads. Is there any way goat cheese could be added to the salad bar? I think its addition would be much appreciated by myself and the Oxy community at large.”

Goat cheese has a higher price point than the other cheeses in the salad bar rotation and is a bit difficult to serve but we may be able to give it a try in the next week or so. Goat cheese is occasionally offered with the Specialty Salad of the day so keep an eye out for that also!

“hi can you bring back biscuits on weekends”
~ and ~
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“Please please please bring back biscuits on Saturday’s and Sunday’s!!!”

Biscuits will be making a comeback! Hope you get a chance to enjoy them!

“Hello, could you please clarify whether the tater tots at the grill station during breakfast are vegan? If not, what is the non vegan ingredient? Thanks!”

The tater tots at the Marketplace are vegan. There are times where our suppliers have sent us replacements when our normal items are out of stock, but that is very rare. If you are ever in doubt please ask our servers. 

“Pho Friday y'all, every week, best thing in the MP”

Thank you, we will try to serve it more often!

“Can the food servers get name tags!!
Also, the black lentil green apple salad was superb. The dried fruit bleu cheese salad was also top notch. Love the fruits in salad yummy.”

We are working on getting all our employees name tags. We are glad that you have been enjoying our specialty salads!

“Request: Bring salami back in the sandwich bar?
Comment: Thank you campus dining for everything that you do <3”

We hope to bring salami back to the sandwich station as soon as we are properly staffed. In the meantime you can find a specialty sandwich at the Tiger Cooler that includes salami. 

“Hello, my first suggestion is to offer fried/grilled tofu at the Grill Station. I think this would be a great addition to the Marketplace for those who are vegan/vegetarian but also for omnivores who may want to diversity their protein options. My second suggestion is to serve the chicken tortilla soup more often because it is delicious!”

Grilled tofu is available to order at the grill station. It is made to order so there may be some wait time. We do offer the chicken tortilla soup in our menu rotation. We will try and run it again soon. Please keep an eye out for it.

“can you stock fudgescicles please”

Our supplier for novelties at the Marketplace does not carry fudgesicles. Our supplier for the Tiger Cooler does carry a fudge bar, we will order a box to try them out. Find them at the Tiger Cooler soon. 

“It would be lovely if we could have kale at the salad bar. Also, if tofu steaks could be cut into cubes to better soak in the seasoning, that would be great.”

We would be happy to add kale to the salad bar a couple of times a week, thank you for the suggestion! The tofu is cut into steaks to keep it from tumbling out of the sandwich. When it is cut into cubes, it causes waste and a mess.

“Roasted broccoli, sweet potato, cauliflower at salad bar or grill on the regular! Quinoa at salad bar!”

As soon as we are able to improve our staffing situation and have the hands to prepare some of the more labor intensive items you have suggested, we will do our best to include them on the salad bar. 

“I would love if the MP could bring back the smoothies on the weekends. I loved them a lot and I always looked forward to them on the weekends!”

Unfortunately the smoothie bar was not cost effective for us. The ingredients are very expensive and we experienced a lot of theft while serving them. 

“Hi can you get small jam containers like the baby ones.”

The small jam containers are available at the Tiger Cooler on their condiment cart by the cashier stand. 

“Goldfish, Capri Sun, Fruit Snacks”

The Tiger Cooler typically offers both goldfish and fruit snacks. However, these have been among the long list of snack items that have been unavailable through our suppliers for various reasons (manufacturing, packaging, shipping, demand). We continue to request these items on product orders. In the meantime, we are constantly seeking comparable items that can be offered in an attempt to keep a wide variety of options on display. As for capri sun’s, our suppliers do not offer them wholesale. 

"To the student who submitted the comment about Lunar New Year"

Campus Dining strives to include a multiple variety of ethnic cuisines.  We actually have a program in place for sponsoring theme meals as well.  We would love to work with you on a future theme meal, or any recipe suggestions for future meals to include in our regular menu rotation.  We always welcome the invitation to improve on our knowledge of different cuisines.


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