Suggestions Through 2/28/18

"I was wondering if the to go containers at the marketplace are microwave safe or not."

If you want to microwave your to-go item, we recommend the Eco-Takeout container. While the disposable containers are not intended to be reheated, here's some information on the ones we use, so you can make your own informed decision:

The one we use at the saute station stands up to the higher heat of the cooking there:
Here is the processing info for the high temp container:
We use the Bottle Box at all the other stations and here is that info:
Here is the Bottle Box processing info:
(Tiger Cooler)"Chicken fingers and individual ranch dressing"

We're sorry, but the fryer oil at the Tiger Cooler needs to be maintained as vegan. We occasionally offer a weekend special of Chicken Tenders, but the product is cooked at the JSC kitchen.

There just isn't enough food in the MP. I have gotten there at 6:45pm and the shelves are mostly empty, the pasta bar has cut off the line and homestyle and chefs corner have packed up because they have no more food. That is completely unacceptable. First, there needs to be enough food to last the entire dinner rush at more than just 1 station. Second, the to-order station can handle to continue serving past 7pm. The marketplace closes at 7:30, not 7. Please make/get more food in the marketplace.


Why does the pasta bar close at 7:10??? All of the other stations were out food and they wouldnt serve us.  Also their pre-made option was completely gone.  There should be more food for us to get at the end of the day.


Please make more food. There wasn't much left when I got to the MP at 7:00 tonight and its been happening a lot.


There is no food in the Marketplace at the end of the day!!! Almost all of the stations are out of food by 7. I'm an athlete and there is essentially no food options by the time I get to dinner at the marketplace.  Please make sure there is enough food for athletes like me.

We heard you! After we received these messages (all on the same evening) we got together with key staff members to address the issue and make changes. While the saute station and homestyle do close at 7:15, we should have options at other stations available until the Marketplace closes at 7:30pm. We have been struggling with labor shortages for a variety of reasons this semester, but feeding you, and feeding you well is our priority.  We hope you have seen significant improvement recently. 

Can you bring back MP pesto in the morning? It's delicious on eggs

You may see the pesto containers in the Grab 'n Go case on occasion. We wish we had the labor available to fill and offer the portions regularly - but - as noted above, we have been experiencing staff shortages this semester.

"I would like to see more East Asian and South East Asian food at the marketplace. I know some dishes such as pho require extensive preparation, but there are relatively simple dishes that would easily cater to the wider community such as a Thai green curry which could be apportioned into a meat option (e.g chicken) and a vegan, gluten-free option (e.g root vegetables) served with rice. More vegan and vegetarian non-lactose options would be good as well. Many people are lactose intolerant."

We have forwarded your suggestions for East Asian and South East Asian Cuisine to our chefs. Expanding our vegan/lactose free options is a continuing priority for us. We appreciate any suggestions!

Hi! Any chance that you can stock the new non-dairy Ben & Jerry’s when your suppliers get it? Thanks!

We order the non-dairy Ben & Jerrys each week, but the supplier often doesn't have it in stock or shorts our order. Because it is a new product, supply issues are not unusual, and we hope the situation will resolve itself in due time. 

could you please get fun dip in the cooler! everybody loves those you would make so much $$$

The food vendors that we use typically don't stock a lot of candy, and those that they do offer tend to be the upscale, organic and fair trade varieties that we are using to help us meet our Real Food Challenge goals. 

Isn't the sandwich bar supposed to be open all day?  It wasn't open when I came for dinner.  Also there were no muffins, deserts, etc.  More food please!!!

Yes, we schedule our staffing to have the Sandwich Bar open all day Sunday - Friday. However, if we have a large number of sick calls and cannot find replacements, we sometimes have to close the station for dinner. 

It would be great to offer vegan pizzas on pizza days in the Marketplace and to have vegan options in the cooler.  Thank you for carrying vegan ice cream like Halo Top!

Vegan and/or Gluten Free Pizza is available made fresh to order any time the Chef's Corner station in the Marketplace has pizza. The Cooler also makes Vegan Pizza. Please ask!


We're very sorry, but High Ball is not currently stocked by any of our suppliers.

Chocolate chips in the vegan banana muffins, please!

We made some! Hope you got a chance to get some, We'll continue to rotate the flavors and add-ins of our highly popular vegan muffins. 

Can you make some Filipino empanadas like those from? 

Oops - you didn't tell us from where! If you have a source or recipe, please write us back.

I know Campus Dining tries so much, but the Cooler menu's is sometimes inedible. I think a task force should be created to address and possibly revamp the Cooler's menu. Some suggestions: thin crust pizza, chow mein, fried rice, not cooking the meat to beyond well done, TACOS (!!!!), quesadillas, pizza puffs, eggplant/chicken parm

You may include your preference for doneness when you place your order - but if you ever find we've given you an overdone product, please take it to a supervisor or cashier for a refund, or we will gladly re-make it for you. As for revamping the menu - we genuinely wish we could greatly expand the Cooler menu, but the facility doesn't have a production kitchen like at the Marketplace - the space and equipment you see out front is all there is. We are also extremely short on storage and refrigeration space. So, while we could switch to thin crust pizza, we don't have the space to offer both thin crust and our regular product. As for the other suggestions we do not have the equipment or storage space to offer them. It has been over 20 years since the Cooler was last expanded, and since then not only has the student body grown, but expectations for variety and sustainability have as well. We need a remodel/expansion! If you would like to get involved, we encourage you to join the Food Systems Working Group. Contact Lead Sustainability Intern Sammy Herdman at for information

Some of the portions we're given are really small.  It's not the same between staff either.

Some students brought specific examples to a Marketplace Supervisor recently, and we addressed them. Should a situation occur in the future, we encourage you to contact the supervisor on duty

Can we do less oil in the omelets to order on weekends? I often am left with a pool of grease at the bottom of my plate :(

The omelets to order are made by first sauteing the vegetables you have selected in olive oil. You may always ask the cook on duty for no oil (but the eggs may stick and your omelet may not be perfectly shaped) or you may ask for less oil. 

Lentil soup!!!!!

We've asked the chefs if they can menu Lentil Soup for this month :-)

The chipotle sweet potato soup was delicious!! (Thank you for making it vegan!) What is the recipe? :)

Ah, that wonderful soup was made of re-purposed ingredients ;-) The ingredients were an over production of Sweet Potato Hash, Canned Pumpkin Puree, Fresh Leeks and Vegan Stock, with Chipotle seasoning. We're glad you liked it!