“I love the omelets so much I get them every day they are available. Thank you. Plus, the people serving them are always so so wonderful and so is the smoothie man. Y’all brighten my morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Thank you for the compliment. We are happy you enjoy your dining experience.

“Would it be possible to make using eco-clamshells easier at the chef station?”

There aren't any eco-clamshells at Chef's Corner all the time, because it is not always staffed. Clamshells were being removed without returning tokens. They are now available if someone is actually serving at the station.

“I'd love to be able to see what soups are available and whether they are v, vl, gf on the online marketplace menu.”

We are now in the process of creating a set menu for the soups. Please note that when they are posted online they are subject to change (as are all menu items).

“Have individual packages of butter available”

The Marketplace does have packets of butter available all day in the salad bar.

“Spaghetti Squash tacos...... hell yes”

Thank you smiley

“Hello, it would be really great if you could make the soy nuggets vegan”

We do have vegan nuggets available on Tuesday nights at Chef’s Corner. They are 7-grain (Gardein) tenders that we serve with french fries.

“Hi! I was just wondering if the berry cups without yogurt could be brought back! I love them and I know a lot of students do. I love being able to get the variety of berries. If the problem is the pricing, I know I and others would be willing to pay more for these. I really would love to see them back in the marketplace!! Thank you so much.”

As of now, berries are out of season. We would like to offer them as much as possible but they are too expensive to do so. In addition, they are more labor intensive than just the regular parfait cups. We will start offering berries by the basket (unwashed) for purchase, available at the bakery. The Tiger Cooler does carry strawberries.

“Can you please PLEASE put some regular seating back in the cooler??????????? I feel like I haven’t seen those tables or couches since 2018”



It has been years since we have seen such a succession of rainy days. With Samuelson Pavilion being one of the largest indoor event spaces, we have left the space available as a rain plan for various student events. We have also been experiencing a severe staff shortage, so even during brief periods of nicer weather we have been unable to return the soft furniture. We were able to move the furniture back on Tuesday night (2/26) but need to move it out for another event on Friday (3/1). The furniture will remain put away for next week, as Samuelson Pavilion is once again the rain plan for multiple events. Once we get our good ol’ California weather back, the furniture will be available.

“The chicken étoufée was soooooo good. Please make it a regular!”

We aren’t sure if you are talking about the soup of the day or the Homestyle entrée, but we are glad you enjoyed it.

“Can we please bring back RX BARS!!!!!(mint, chocolate, chocolate peanut butter) :)”


“Rx bars!!!”


“Can you please have RX bars”

RX Bars will be available soon at the Coffee Cart.

“Vietnamese food!!!!”

We tend to rotate Vietnamese food/recipes quite often. Next week on 3/4 (lunch) we will have Vietnamese Roasted Chicken or Soy Chicken and on 3/7 (dinner) we will have Vietnamese Beef & Zuuchini Stew or Butternut Squash & Zucchini Stew.


We currently have ramen in the Marketplace, the Book Store and vending machines in the Academic Commons snack room.

“Chicken lettuce cups!!!”

Look for these at Homestyle (our usual recipe is ground turkey) but you may see chicken occasionally. Because they are so popular, we tend to serve them more often than other dishes.

“Last time I ordered fries at the cooler (last semester) they came out covered in breaded bits from other fried foods. They are offered as GF but I couldn't eat them. Do you have separate frying oil that's supposed to remain GF? If not, I can't trust anything coming out of the fryer is GF and please indicate that on the menus and guides. Same story if there's not a separate frying & prep area on the grill, if any of the grilled items contain gluten, unless it's cleaned in between enough bits remain in the oil that cause problems for people like me that are truly sensitive to it. I haven't wanted to take the chance so I have not ordered them again, but the GF foods are pretty limited, so if they are an option that would be wonderful to know.”

This is a very good point. Until now, we have never specifically designated one fryer or the other to be used exclusively for fries. Beginning Thursday afternoon (2/28), following our fryer cleaning service, the right side of the fryer will be labeled as "Fries Only". Mozzarella and Onion Rings, both breaded products, will then only be fries on the left. Gluten free grill items are always prepared to the far right of the flat top.

“Could we have the breaded chicken sandwich with buttermilk dressing and kale salad meal again??? That one is my favorite!”

The breaded chicken sandwich will be available on Monday 3/4.

“Is it possible to cross out menu items as they run out at stations like homestyle and chef's corner? It doesn't happen often, but I've gotten to the front of the line at homestyle and chef's corner once before, and there was no vegetarian option left. I looked at the station and I couldn't immediately tell that there was no veggie left either just by looking at the food, so having the veggie option crossed off the menu would be much less of a hassle, especially so people don't wait in a long line during peak hours just to get to the front and the server say that they ran out :-/”

We are currently working on communication between the kitchen and FOH staff. Should this happen to you in the future please reach out to a supervisor on duty because this may be a matter of miscommunication. If the entrée runs out before the last 15 minutes of service we always offer a substitute, including vegetarian options.

“More consistency in the PB and Js please. The marketplace PB and Js are pretty consistently good, but the cooler's really vary in their PB to J ratio, and anyone who eats them knows how important that is. Some of these kids eat 2 PB and Js a day, but depending on when you go into the cooler, you could be coming out with a VERY different sandwich. I like a little more Jelly than PB on mine, but thats just me. Sometimes I have gotten a sandwich thats like 85% PB which is not great. maybe you are varying the ratios on purpose so everyone can get their preferred ratio? (that's pretty smart) but, more transparency on how these ratios are decided would be helpful, maybe marking on the container "even ratio" or "more J than PB", something like that.”

This suggestion sparked a very interesting discussion. Moving forward we will be working on portion and ratio control.

“Sourpatch kids anywhere on campus would be so BOMB! The original ones though, not the new tropical flavors or the watermelons”

The Tiger Cooler carries Sour Jacks. We will check to see if our suppliers carry Sour Patch Kids.

“The vegan meatloaf at homestyle is so so so SO good! I have heard rumors of a quinoa-loaf and I would love to see if it exists and try it in the marketplace soon!”

Look for the quinoa loaf the week after Spring Break.

“jerk chicken....like authentic jerk chicken, where you mix the spices yourself instead of buying the pre-mixed version (https://www.africanbites.com/jerk-chicken/). let's get some real caribbean food!”

Thank you for the recipe. We are currently revamping all our recipes, so we will keep this one in mind.

“Dairy free ranch and or cream cheese please. I wish there were more dairy free condiment options for those who can't eat dairy”

We will start researching these products and may possibly carry them in the future.

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