Suggestions Through 3/31/2022

“I would love it if we had pickles during burger bar again.”

It was our first burger bar this semester, we will add pickles to the burger bar station the next time that it is available. 

“Hey...I had an amazing waffle a couple of Saturdays before. I was promised it would be a continued weekend treat...what happen? It was bright spot of my weekend since I can't eat eggs, the waffle was my new go to. Please bring them back. The biscuits are nice nice return too.”

~ and ~

“Will the waffle irons come back for make your own waffles? On weekdays and/or weekends?”

Unfortunately with staff shortages we have had to make adjustments to our service. We apologize if someone was promised that it would be a continued weekend treat. We will make our best effort to offer it in the Fall. We have occasionally been offering it on Saturdays, hopefully you have been able to enjoy them!

“I think your cut off times for food to order need some adjustments especially for breakfast. I make it into the mp well before 9:15 to make the cut off but the line takes so long that by the time I get to the front of the line the cook refuses to take my order. It isnt fair to me if I am making it on time and my order is refused and to top it off the cooks arent even nice about it”

~ and ~

“There should be a separate line at the grill for breakfast for people who are ordering and for people who are just getting the buffet. it’s frustrating to have to wait in line for a long time right before class and i run out of time to eat”

First let me apologize for the staff and if you have any specifics please contact Executive Chef Martin Fernandez. This cut off time is in place to assist with the opening of the station in a timely manner for lunch. We are currently working on a better system for making our breakfast line more efficient. We hope to have some changes during the breakfast hour soon. 

“I LOVED the lentil salad you had yesterday. Definitely would love to see that again!”

We are glad you loved it! We will keep this salad in our rotation. 

“The Red Pepper soup on Wednesday the 23rd was absolutely fire, whoever whipped that up deserves a raise”

Thank you for the compliment! We have passed it along to the chef responsible for it’s goodness!

“no one likes berkus dinner you did not need to bring it back. Thanks”

So sorry you feel that way, however over 200 students enjoyed this option. Perhaps you would like to give it another try, or the Tiger Cooler is also open Saturday for dinner to provide an alternative option.

“love pho friday!! could there also be other noodle soups too like udon or ramen on fridays?”

Thank you for reaching out to us. We'll take a look at adding other soups as well. Please keep a lookout for new options.

“I would love to occasionally have feta in the salad bar!”

Crumbled feta cheese is already in the regular rotation of cheeses on the Salad Bar.  It is often an option on the Specialty Salad of the day, so if it is not on the Salad Bar you can check the Deli Station.

“I loved the shrimp and grits on March 1st, you should have them again sometime”

Thank you! We have shared this with the staff and we look forward to offering this meal again before the end of the semester. Stay Tuned!

“can you put the gf / vg /dietary notes back on the menu online pls!!”

We will start adding the dietary notes back onto the online menu. Please note that based on our continued supplier issues that everything is subject to change. The menus on the station are always the most accurate. 

“can u fix the vending machine by braun and in the cooler so that we can use our meal plan?? it’s kinda a scam to make us use cash”

We are aware that some vending machines are currently "offline" and unable to accept campus ID cards. We are attempting to coordinate with the vending company and to get the issues with the card readers resolved as soon as possible. As for the vending machine outside of Braun, the area isn’t a “high-traffic or highly secure” area which is why there is no card reader on the vending machine. 

“can you guys bring back the grapes? they were delicious- also can you have more of the fruit cups of strawberries? i feel like i only see those on the weekends”

We do offer cups of fruit in the morning and those are also based on availability. With limited inventory and supply chain issues, we will try and provide as much as we can when possible.

“I would love to see grapes back in the marketplace as well as bell peppers at the salad bar if possible! :)”

Grapes are not currently in season but will be again in late August so look for them at the beginning of Fall semester. We will gladly put diced peppers into the Salad Bar rotation.

“Tiger cooler: bring back Mac and cheese bites
Mp: more fruits and veggies”

The mac and cheese bites made a reappearance on the weekend of 3/19, hope you had a chance to enjoy them again. We try to rotate different fried items on the weekends. We rotate the fruit based on seasonality and availability. We want to offer products that taste good and are coming from local growers. Do you have any specifics, as we offer multiple types of fruits in whole and cut forms?

“Please bring back plant based milk!!!!”

There is Almond and Soy milk available.  There is a supply shortage on a few of these products, so sometimes we don’t have it, but it’s always on order.

(Tiger Cooler) “I would love if y’all could grill the grilled cheeses a little bit longer at the cooler. I am more than willing to wait a little bit longer to have melted cheese. Thanks for all you do!”

The degree to which cheese is melted may vary depending on the time of the order. During peak dinner hours, we typically have 3 times as many orders as what can fit on the grill at one time. That means, although it may only take about 10 minutes to prepare a single grilled cheese, if an order has to wait for the third batch of tickets to be produced, a person could be waiting 30-40 minutes or more for their grilled cheese. During these times, we must try to balance quality with timeliness.

“Would it be possible to turn on the string lights on the branca family patio? It’s too dark at night and I think the ambiance would be nice with the lights on”

Good news! The Green Bean staff will start turning the string lights and the regular lights on in the evenings. The regular lights have also been fixed so that all are fully operating.

(Tiger Cooler) “Please carry the skinny mozzarella sticks with the herbs in the breading instead of the blockier ones! They're delicious, and they don't give me a stomach ache like the thicker ones consistently do. I'm not lactose intolerant, so I don't know why those ones upset me, but other have expressed the same issue.”

Mozzarella sticks are one of several items with which we have experienced supply issues. Just as with onion rings, while the supplier may carry a dozen different varieties, they are often out of stock and we must take whichever type is available.

“I agree with the person who commented in December about having the gene that makes cilantro taste like soap. It often makes it so I can't enjoy salads and sides that look delicious but simply taste overwhelmingly of soap to me. It would be great if it could be placed on the side like parmesan and red pepper flakes are for students to add if they please. Since cilantro is added as a fresh ingredient after the cooking process it would be much appreciated if it could be left up to the student whether to add it or not so everyone can enjoy the meal.”

From Executive Chef Martin Fernandez; 
I'm sorry to hear that cilantro isn't a pleasant flavor for you. We'll try to be a little more thoughtful in how we garnish. As far as it is used in other applications, it is added early in the cooking process and unfortunately we wouldn't be able to be omitted. If you have questions while in the MP, please ask to speak to a manager.

“Please remove the onions from the egg salad.”

Our current egg salad recipe was tested and approved by our cold kitchen team as well as our Executive Chef, so we won’t be developing another recipe at this time.

“please bring back the blueberry bagels!! I loved them”

Sweet bagels have consistently been the least popular bagel option at the bakery so they were discontinued but we would be glad to bring back a small quantity for a trial run. Look for them on 4/4. 

“Switch the buns in the cooler to the brioche buns that were in the MP on 3/24 for dinner. So good!!”

We are glad to hear that you enjoyed the brioche buns. While the Tiger Cooler may be exploring other bread options, these buns may not be the most sustainable option - in terms of both availability and ingredients. However, expect to see them from time to time on MP menus.

“Vegan Tortellini please!”

We will look at options for vegan filled pastas for the future. For now, I hope you are able to enjoy other pasta options available throughout the week.

“LOVED the biriyani and coconut curry last week for meatless Monday. Also loved the salad with spicy feta and pita chips for lunch on Monday 3/28. Would really like to see both of these again.”

Thank you for the compliment! We will keep these items in our menu rotations.

“I think it would be really helpful to move the vending machine in the cooler to outside the cooler where it would be accessible after the cooler closes like the library ones. When there is no other food service on campus that late it would be really nice to have the option.”

The vending machines are supplied and serviced by an outside company. These machines are not designed to be placed outdoors. The machines must also be placed at locations where there is both power and an existing ethernet port. While those at SamPav are only accessible during operating hours, there are many other snack and beverage machines located across campus.

“The MP and the Cooler should be open later, and vending money should be increased”

The Marketplace has actually been open with our regular hours for quite some time now. The Tiger Cooler is open until 10 Monday-Thursday and until 8 Friday-Sunday. The Berkus Bistro is open until midnight Monday - Thursday. You can always add more vending money through MyOxy. When requesting more vending money, you must have Bengal Bucks available.