Suggestions Through 4/5/18

"Breakfast bowls at the sandwich station on April 2nd was my favorite thing to ever happen at this school please make it a regular thing! Thank you :)"

"The new breakfast bowl station is delicious! "
"I really liked the breakfast bowls that the mp had this morning"
"Thank you so much for starting  overnight oats for breakfast!!  ;-)"
"Thank you for the breakfast bowls this morning! My friends and I loved them! I hope the program stays forever!!!!! :D "
"I really enjoyed the breakfast bowls this morning and would be thrilled if the program became permanent. "
"The breakfast bowl option in MP this morning was amazing! It was a great, healthy alternative to the normal breakfast options that don't make me feel bad about buying berry bowls"
"I just wanted to say I LOVED the pilot breakfast program. Delicious, healthy, perfect!"
Nice to hear! In case you missed them - Monday April 2 was the first day for piloting the new Breakfast Bowls at the Marketplace Sandwich Station. Other than one (signed) suggestion (stating that the fruit bowls were fine and didn't need to be changed), we received nothing but rave reviews. Come back Monday April 9 and try them, or try them again! We hope to repeat 1-2 times per week through this semester and then decide how this might fit into our regular service for fall 2018.
"It would be great if the MP and the Cooler can sell mint chewing gum (e.g. 5 Gum) because chewing gum is very helpful for concentration and it would be convenient to have that available especially for those long work intensive days. I know a lot of students would prefer to get gum on campus using meal plan vs having to go out to Target or elsewhere off campus. "
Chewing gum creates more clean-up work for the staff. Yes, even College students discard gum on floors and under tables and chairs. So, this would be a "no". That said, have you checked the vending machines? They have been known to stock gum on occasion, and every meal plan comes with a vending allowance. 
"What is the recipe for the macaroons offered during passover? They are absolutely delicious and I would love to see them become more of a regular item."
We buy most of the Passover Macaroons, but our Bakers did whip up a few batches from scratch. Here's a recipe very much like the one they used. Glad you liked them!  
"I was wondering if self serve breakfast at the grill still starts at 9:15am. For a majority of mornings this semester self serve hasn't started until around 10:00am, sometimes as late as 10:15am. I noticed the sign that says self serve starts at 9:15am still gets put out, yet there is still a dining staff member serving students past this time. I personally think the line moves faster and is more efficient when self serve is offered, therefore I like to try to get breakfast after 9:15am since the line is usually shorter and moves quicker. Thanks."
Hmm, last semester we got complaints about long lines during both made-to-order and self service breakfast, because we were short staffed. We were able to hire some part time staff, and we hope the situation has improved. At 9:15 the grill team stops producing breakfast to order. If we have sufficient staffing, a server will stay at the counter to keep the line moving. Here we have a difference of opinion, because we do believe having a person there helps speeds up the line. 
"Please get a panini press for sandwiches."
When we are slow (winter, spring, summer and fall breaks) we sometimes bring out the panini machines and the staff members at the sandwich station make pressed sandwiches. I hope you are around for some of those occasions. However, during the regular academic session, we know this would slow down the lines too much.
We wish we had the space and labor for a self service panini press, but it's not possible right now for a variety of reasons. In terms of space, the area where the waffles are during breakfast and brunch is used by the Chef's Corner staff for lunch. But even if we could find the space, we don't have the labor to maintain the presses. Even self-service the presses and the surrounding area would need to be kept clean. And finally, with self service cooking we cannot prevent cross-contamination of allergens, or even just cross-contact between meat, dairy and vegan items.
"Please get fruity pebbles in the cereal station."
We're sorry, but Fruity Pebbles is not available in bulk, at least not through any of our distributors.
"Could you bring the blood orange Alta Palla back? I miss them"
As of today's writing, Blood Orange Alta Palla is back on the Marketplace shelves :-)
"Can you get cinnamon ice cream in the Cooler again please?"
Yes, we can and we will! However, Cinnamon is a seasonal flavor - so we'll bring it back nearer the holiday season.