Suggestions Through 9/12/18

It would be a great addition to the cooler to provide us with carrot sticks and hummus. Or to sell sides and fruit/veggies separately so you can choose which side you want.

Thank you for the suggestion. The Cooler is currently working on improving options for fruit, veggies and condiments. Logistics will be worked out very soon. Please keep your eye on the grab and go refrigerator. 
The ranch in my carrots expired on July 27th, 2018. It is September. What.
The Cooler deeply apologizes for this error. It was accidentally mixed in with newer products; we have since fixed this problem. 
can y’all include when something has soy in it for us soy free (and vegetarian) folk?
Unfortunately this is one of the harder ingredients to list. We do try our best to label soy when it is the main ingredient in any of our stations. We do recommend you make an appointment with Robert Starec, who will be more than happy to assist you with the ingredients used in the MP and Cooler.
Can the quality of the breakfast sausages be improved? They are too greasy and as a result I never order them.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but most sausage is inherently greasy! There is typically a fat to meat ratio of around 3 to 1. The product that the MP uses is a high quality, very tasty breakfast sausage that has many fans. However the longer it sits, the more of the fat renders from the casing. If you feel these delicious morsels are too rich, may we recommend the vegan patties we serve as a meat alternative or the turkey and/or chicken apple sausages served on the weekends? 
The blackened cod, mango salsa, and platanos were super good. So we’re the roasted chicken thighs for lunch on Sept. 7. Keep making new meals and please do so often instead of recycling the stuff weekly!! It’s really exciting when Campus Dining makes something new/not often. 
Also is the Coffee Cart going to explore using other caterers? Just curious.
Keep up the good work!!
Thank you for your compliments! We are really trying to revamp our food options, so we are glad you are enjoying them. As for the Coffee Cart we began our partnership with Four Cafe just one year ago, and that descision was based largely on several key factors:
1) They are local 2) They use all sustainable ingredients 3) Many students frequent the restaurant and can now enjoy some of those items using their meal plans. 
Since adding Four Cafe to the Coffee Cart, we have seen a 25% increase insales which is unprecedented. While Four Cafe may be just one of many factors for this increase, we see no reason to change vendors at this time. Suggestions are always welcomed. 
The chicken empanadas are awesome!
Glad you are enjoying them. We love them too! You can enjoy them every Tuesday for lunch. 
Is there any chance of going back to regular cake in the cooler? The cupcakes are not as good nor as easy to share
Unfortunately the cakes formerly offered at the Cooler are no longer available. Susina Bakery no longer exists. In anticipation of this, we sought out an alternative over the summer. We now receive products from Debbie's Delights. While Debbie's does have layer cakes available, we found it to be more cost effective, for both us and you as our customers, to opt for the cupcakes. All of the pastires supplied by Debbie's are produced using organic ingredients. As an added bonus, all are also either vegan or gluten free - something the Cooler has never been able to offer.
Bring back the breakfast bowls!
The breakfast bowls were definitely a treat. It was a successful pilot program last semester, and we had hoped to get funding to continue with the labor needed for this concept. Unfortunately the funding was not approved. It is possible we will be able to bring the breakfast bowls back on an ad-hoc basis or for a special meal, so stay tuned!
Oh my gosh! I miss the turkey lettuce cups so much! They're so good! Do you know when they'll come back? Also, I really liked the crispy chicken with the kale salad and vinaigrette dressing last semester! It was amazing! Would you be able to make that too sometime this semester? Thanks so much!
The turkey lettuce cups are an Oxy favorite and a regular at the Homestyle Station. Check out the Marketplace webpage for weekly menu options. The crispy chicken salad will be available this Monday 9/17, for lunch at Chef's Corner.
Why are food trucks not allowed on the Quad where it would be accessible by more students since that’s where we are most of the day? OSL had their In-and-Out food truck! The current location is out of the way for non-AGC workers and people don’t dont live/go to class over there.

It is not a matter of the weekly food truck not being allowed on the quad. More at issue is that there be a consistent location, for both the customers and the vendors. Sometimes other events scheduled on the quad would require relocating the food truck on an ad-hoc basis, which can confuse the various consistuencies that support this endeavor. 

The autumn vegetables and dumplings AND the pound cake with whipped cream are both SOOO GOOOD!!!! Recipes??

Keep a look out on this space. We will fill it in with the recipe when the kitchen is able to give it to us!

The roasted Brussel sprouts on 9/10 were PERFECT. Please make them more often! 

We are glad you liked them. We will keep them in our rotation!

For the baja shrimp tacos, it would be easier if the avocado was spread on the tortilla first. This would save guacamole and the tacos would be easier to prepare and eat. 

We are sorry but doing this would slow down the line.