Suggestions through 9/20/19

“The Sunday burger bar is amazing. This burger is the tastiest one I’ve ever had and I eat it every week. Don’t change a thing about it... the mushrooms/bacon/onion/avocado combo is the best, I love the burger bar!”

Thank you for the compliment! ☺

“Get a George Forman grill”

Unfortunately, we do not have the space or the staff to maintain this. We sometimes have a panini press at the sandwich station during our slower periods (winter, spring, summer, and fall breaks). If you are here during those times we hope you enjoy it! 

“Please have more sushi :)”


“We’re loving the new options at the cooler from red shell!! I was just wondering if we could get even more menu options like sashimi and nigiri for when rolls aren’t enough to stave off our sushi cravings (:.”

Sashimi and Nigiri can perhaps be introduced at another time, if space permits. The Cooler is currently offering as many as 30 options from Red Shell, stored in 3 different refrigerators. We simply have no more room at this time to add more varieties, or larger quantities. 

“I would love to see plant based protein drinks that do not contain soy. :)”

The Marketplace now carries one from OWYN plant based protein drinks. Enjoy ☺

“Hi - I enjoyed a PBJ sandwich from the Cooler today, and unlike at Marketplace, it was in a plastic clamshell container instead of just wrapped in saran wrap. Seems like unnecessary waste?”

We are currently looking into new ways we can package the PB&J’s at the Tiger Cooler. Ideally, this would be a compostable clamshell. When we offer the sandwiches at the Cooler they need to be stackable!

“Hello! I really love the vegan cookies (the chocolate chip and cranberry ones), and was wondering if it would be possible to set them out without the plastic containers? Sometimes I would really like to have just one cookie, and I feel bad about buying the cookies in the plastic container when I'm just going to eat them without leaving the MP. Thank you!”

We will start to wrap them individually for purchase.

“The fact that the cooler isn’t open later anymore and really there isn’t a reliable 24hr food service is a little messed up. ESPECIALLY if meal plan is at the same price still”


“Now both the cooler closes later, the coffee cart isn't open at all, and there still isn't anywhere to get 24/7 food. Oxy's class sizes are growing which means more people to feed so therefore our dining options should reflect that. The current system does not work and we're hungry.”

Campus Dining is not budgeted to be open 24/7. The snack lounge in the Library comes the closest, with 24/5 food and beverage available. The Berkus Hall Coffee Cart opened for business on September 15. We had hoped to expand the Tiger Cooler weekend hours to 2am by now, but unfortunately we still have too many position openings. Once positons are filled, and new employees sufficiently trained, late night hours and services will be fully restored. 

“IS there any place on campus where we can get chicken wings? if not can they be made available like in the cooler? Also it would be amazing if we could get gravy with the mashed potatoes!”

The Cooler offers wings about once a month as a weekend special. We cannot offer them regularly at the Cooler because the oil needs to remain vegetarian. The Marketplace offers wings about twice a month in our Homestyle rotation. We just served them on Tuesday (9/17) for lunch; hope you had a chance to enjoy them. 

“The menu signs in the cooler have new font that is very difficult to read. It makes visiting the cooler less enjoyable. This could also be an accessibility issue for those with vision impairments.”

Once things have settled down a bit, we plan to revise the labeling with a font that is easier to read from a distance. 

“Please stock more coolhaus flavors/ice cream, they’re soo good!!!”

We currently rotate over 30 flavors of ice cream. Please bear with us we will try to include them as often as possible. 

“if things say they are gluten free, they should NOT be cooked/fried in the same equipment/oil as gluten items, i keep getting sick from cross contamination”

We are actively working on improving both our processes and our communication/signage. At the Cooler, one of two fryer wells is only for French Fries, to keep them GF. The second is for Mozarella Sticks and Onion Rings. No meat items are fried at the Cooler. At the Marketplace, all three wells are restored to GF after the Tuesday FILTA service, but then we go down to just one of three available for GF proteins the rest of the week. At some point we don't have a well available that is both GF AND Vegan. We have a small table-top fryer for the rest of the time, so please look for the signs that say "GF by request". The grill cook will fry an order of vegan fries to order for instance. Homestyle and Chefs Corner items will only be labeled GF if they have been cooked on a cleaned surface, or in an oil that is maintained GF. BTW - there is a GF toaster available in both facilities.

“A butter chicken redo but without chicken breast”

We tend to alternate butter chicken by making it with different cuts of chicken. 

“Hello! would it be possible to have the vegan overnight oats put back out? I loved those last semester and haven't seen them! thank you and keep up the good work!”

As you may or not be aware, our dining facilities are currently suffering a shortage of staff. We hope to hire many new employees in the short future with hopes that we can accommodate such requests. Thank you for your patience!

Vending - “It would be nice to have some plastic utensils in the lounge room (spoons for yogurt, forks if I’m making a cup noodle bought from the MP, extra in case I lose the utensil provided in machine). A suggestion for the actual vending is oatmeal (can easily be made with hot water).”


Vending - “I was very happy to find hard boiled eggs in the library snack room vending machine. Thank you!”


Vending - “Ne-Mo's Banana Cake for vending machine in library snack lounge:

We will forward your selection suggestions and comments to the vending company. They provide individual utensils with their products. We are sorry, but we don’t have the staffing or budget to provide complimentary utensils in the snack lounge.