Suggestions Through 9/7/17

What happened to the large vegan muffins ?


The vegan muffins were excellent last year and there were more options. This year suddenly they're smaller and worse, with fewer flavors. Why? Please go back to the old array of muffins, I hate breakfast now


Please bring back full size vegan muffins!! I miss them so much and they are so popular with the student body.


Hi! Will the original vegan blueberry muffin recipe ever be coming back? The new one is just not the same!


I really miss the vegan muffins!


What happened to the vegan muffins? These sad, small crumbs are not the Oxy I know and love. #BringBackRaspberryChocolateChunk

We hear you! The large vegan muffins (including blueberry and raspberry chocolate chunk ARE back. However, quantities are somewhat limited. Our bakers make the vegan muffins from scratch (other muffins are cooked from frozen batter). Please be patient with us as we work to adjust to the demand. 

Thank you so much for the new labels! I'm lactose intolerant so being able to tell what has dairy in it and what doesn't makes it SO MUCH EASIER to figure out what I can and can't eat :) 


Please stop labeling vegetarian items with the vegan label (v) and then adding (l). You could make a separate sign for vegan if vegetarian has taken over, but there are a lot of confused vegans on campus who don't understand the new labeling.

The new labeling is in response to many requests over the years from students with allergies or intolerances to dairy and eggs. It is part of our ongoing effort to increase information and help improve everyone's dining experience. The labels were tested over the summer, when most customers are visitors. We had no negative feedback, which leads us to believe that the labeling may just take some "getting used to" for returning students. 

Here's a full description with examples. Our returning staff members are getting used to the system too, so please bear with us as everyone makes the transition. 


V: Vegetarian. Contains no dairy or egg products unless accompanied by L or O
L:  Lacto.  Contains dairy products, but no egg products unless accompanied by O
O:  Ovo.   Contains egg products, but no dairy products unless accompanied by L
SF:  Item which contains shellfish or shellfish ingredients
GF: Gluten-free.
Nuts:  Will identify specific nut(s) 


Meatloaf (O) contains egg
Chicken Caesar Salad (L)(O)  contains dairy and egg products

Vegetarian items may be any combination: 
Tofu Teriyaki (V)  VEGAN  
Macaroni & Cheese (V) (L)  Vegetarian, contains dairy 
Gnocci  (V) (O)  Vegetarian, contains egg
Cheese Strata  (V) (L) (O) Vegetarian, contains dairy and egg

Why has the Kashi granola been replaced with non-vegan granola? The label makes it seem safe for lactose intolerant people when it's not :( please bring back the vegan granola!


Can you please start stocking vegan granola at the cereal dispensers? I would prefer not to buy it in plastic packaging :) thank you!

We actually didn't have Kashi granola in the dispensers. However, you are correct, the Kellogg's Low Fat Granola contains Whey. We are going to research and see if we can find a reasonably priced vegan granola in bulk packaging, that will also work in our dispensers. Stay tuned!

Please make the vegan Japanese curry and lentil sloppy joes you had last year again!

We menued this item at Homestyle at lunch on September 7, hope you didn't miss it!

The squash, Japanese mushrooms, kimchi, spinach at chef's corner during lunch [8/25] were delicious! What is the recipe for the mushrooms? Thank you for the amazing vegan food :) (please have it again!)

That was actually Eggplant, not Mushrooms. We made the Kimchi! We use a standard recipe for Kogi sauce. Here's a home version:

2 tablespoons Korean fermented hot pepper paste (gochujang)
3 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 teaspoon rice wine vinegar
2 teaspoons sesame oil 

And yes, we will menu this again soon!

The marinated tofu in the salad bar during Orientation was so good! Would you be able to have this on a more regular basis during the semester?

The Marinated Tofu was from an entree served the day before - a Tofu Poke Bowl. It's not something we would usually put out on the salad bar - but we're glad you liked it!

If you could stock the Amy's Pad Thai frozen dinner in the MP that would be amazing! (it's dairy-free/GF)
(Amy's also has 2 kinds of dairy/gf breakfast burritos)

We have this item on our rotation list, so you should see it in the freezer periodically!

The roasted eggplant at the salad bar a few days ago were so good! Could that be a regular item? 

This yummy item takes a lot of time and labor to prepare, but we do rotate it into our menus occasionally. 

The yellow mustard in the dispensers is always too watery or empty. On behalf of my mustard loving friends, please fix this.

We can definitely fix an empty dispenser - please let any cashier or manager know. However the watery mustard is more difficult. This is a function of the design of the dispenser, and that we don't go through nearly as much mustard as catsup. The mustard separates and there is no practical way to remix it. Unless someone knows of a solution, or better dispenser (that does not take lots of labor to keep it clean), we don't have an answer, except to suggest that you use the packets if you feel the bulk mustard consistency is not acceptable. 

Arctic Zero ice cream please! Or Halo Top :):)

We'll check again, but the last time we looked, both of these ice cream brands were very expensive, about twice the cost of the higher end varieties we currently carry (Luna & Larry's, So Delicious and Ben & Jerry's)

The Cooler should sell gum :)

We're sorry but that is not going to happen :-) We don't want to add to the clean-up at the Cooler. That said, some of the vending machines that accept meal plans carry chewing gum!

I wish the coconut yoghurt (especially the plain flavor) was more readily available. Thank you!

We ordered 10 cases of So Delicious Coconut Yogurt for this week, but were shorted by the supplier. We hope it will come in on next week's order.