The Job Search

Career Services is here to support you in your job search. Plan ahead and begin your search early, since it may take several months to land professional employment.


Once you are ready to conduct a professional job search, it is assumed that you have identified the occupational area(s) in which you hope to be employed. Now you need to research organizations and types of positions available. The Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) is a good tool to confirm if your area of interest anticipates growth or decline in the job market. In addition, you can use employer directories to identify organizations nationwide.


While utilizing employment websites exposes you to hundreds of titles and openings, identifying a list of companies and organizations you intend to focus on allows for a more targeted approach. Avail of informational interviewing practices, volunteering, and attending networking events to access organizations of interest.


Building relationships with professionals in positions of influence is extremely important in any job search. Through talking to a number of people, you may identify individuals whom you can approach to discuss possible job opportunities. It is most desirable to meet organization representatives in person; however, communicating with professionals over the phone or online is also an option. With the advent of advanced technologies, students have access to professional networking sites, affinity groups, alumni, special interest forums, and employment posted in real time. LinkedIn and Twitter are becoming standard resources for effective career search.


Concurrent with researching, targeting, and networking, you should be polishing all necessary documents, practicing interviewing, as well as investing in appropriate interview attire. Here are comprehensive Job Search Guides to assist in your job search.

Classifieds and Internet Job Sites are also a useful element of the job search process, however, a multi-pronged process of searching will greatly improve your chances of success.

Job Search Resources

Career Services is available to assist in finding appropriate career opportunities throughout your time here at Oxy and upon graduation. Though placement is not a function of Career Services, there are many ways you can find assistance in locating a job.