Remote Services FAQs

The Hameetman Career Center offers remote and online access to career resources and events from anywhere in the world.

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding career readiness support during remote instruction. Information will be updated as it becomes available. All inquiries should be sent to

What career resources are available while I learn off-campus?

Actively enrolled students have access to all career resources and services, including career advising appointments, employer recruiting events, and career preparation guides. In addition, students can access their personal Handshake, Big Interview, Vault, and CareerShift accounts at any time from anywhere in the world.

Can I meet with a career advisor while attending remote classes?

Yes! Students can access all career resources and events virtually, including career advising appointments, using video conferencing platforms such as Zoom or BlueJeans. To schedule an appointment, log in to your Handshake account, go to the Career Center tab at the top, and select Appointments. Your career advisor will send a link to access the video before the scheduled time of your appointment.

For International Students and Students Studying Abroad: If you are studying remotely from outside the U.S. and would like to schedule an appointment at a time that is more convenient for your time zone, first check Handshake for an available appointment. If an open appointment time is not available, please contact Career Services at

Can I meet with a career advisor or attend career events if I am on a leave absence for the fall 2020 or spring 2021 semester?

Yes. If you were an enrolled student during the 2019-2020 academic year and you informed the Office of the Registrar that you are taking a leave of absence for the fall 2020 or spring 2021 semester, you may continue to use all of the Hameetman Career Center services and resources while on a leave of absence.

Students on a leave of absence can still access their Handshake account. Therefore, you may schedule a virtual appointment with a career advisor, apply for jobs/internships, and attend all virtual events and career education workshops. Please contact the Career Services team at if you have questions. We look forward to your return to Oxy soon!

I've heard it will be difficult to get an internship or job because of the COVID-19 pandemic. What should I do?

The Hameetman Career Center is actively connecting with employers that are hiring and identifying relevant resources for students. Career Services offers two workshops that provide tips for your job search. First, HCC 200: Job and Internship Search Bootcamp provides a comprehensive overview of the job search process. Looking for a Job in a COVID-19 Market is a new workshop for seniors that will provide advice on how to approach your job search during a challenging job market. Event dates can be found on Handshake. You can also schedule an appointment with a career advisor for assistance with your job search and preparing documents, such as a resume and cover letter.

We encourage you to continue exploring internship and job opportunities and building your transferable skills. Think broadly about your career options and consider pursuing multiple career paths. Continue to identify ways to learn new skills and to expand your network of contacts through academic projects, volunteering, part-time work, and paid or unpaid internships.

What support is available to help with my job or internship search?

Throughout the semester, Career Services is offering workshops to educate and prepare students on how to conduct a job/internship search in a challenging employment market. Students can find dates and times for various workshops in Handshake (select the Events tab).

All students should complete Career Education Seminars HCC 101, HCC 102, and HCC 200 to ensure a solid understanding of career services, career exploration, and how to conduct an effective job or internship search. Students may also schedule an appointment with a career advisor. 

What can I do to prepare for a virtual (online video) interview?

To avoid or limit in-person interviews during the coronavirus pandemic, many employers will conduct interviews using an online video platform such as Zoom, BlueJeans, HireVue, or Interviewstream. You should prepare for a video interview in the same manner in which you would prepare for an in-person interview. Do not assume a video interview is a casual interview because you are interviewing from your home or dorm room. Employers use the same criteria to evaluate the professionalism of a candidate whether the interview is in-person or by video.

There are several things you can do to prepare for a virtual online video interview.

  1. When scheduling a date for the interview, try to request a date that allows ample time for you to prepare.
  2. Attend an Interview Preparation Workshop. Workshop dates and times are posted on Handshake's “Events” tab.
  3. Review the Interview Guide, found within “Career Center Resources” on Handshake.
  4. Utilize the online interview preparation platform Big Interview. Set up an account and use Big Interview to select practice questions and record a practice interview which you can send to a career advisor, faculty, or mentor for feedback.
  5. At least 24 hours before your scheduled interview, make sure your Internet connection is stable and that the chosen video platform is properly installed and functioning on your device. Remember to test your audio and video for clarity.
  6. Select a location that is quiet and has a professional setting or a plain wall/background.
  7. Dress appropriately for the interview. Wear an outfit that is appropriate for an in-person interview—either business casual or business professional depending on the industry. If you have questions about interview attire contact Career Services at or schedule an appointment with a career advisor.

I received a Work Study Financial Aid Award. Where can I find work-study job postings?

All students can apply for paid jobs posted on the Human Resources Student Employment webpage. In addition, first-year students who received a work-study financial aid award can apply for jobs through the Hameetman Career Center's First-Year Student Employment Preparation (STEP) program. The STEP program provides a limited number of paid job opportunities for first-year students who have received a work-study financial aid award.

What is the First-Year Student Employment Preparation (STEP) Program?

The First-Year Student Employment Preparation (STEP) program provides a limited number of paid job opportunities for first-year students who have received a work-study financial aid award. All STEP jobs for the 2020-2021 academic year will be virtual/remote and students will work for an Oxy department. The STEP hiring process is competitive and obtaining a job is not guaranteed for all students. STEP jobs for first-year students are exclusively offered through the HCC and will not be posted on the Human Resources Student Employment webpage or Human Resources Bulletin Board.

However, as a work-study award recipient, you may also apply for student jobs posted on the Human Resources Student Employment webpage.

Student Eligibility Requirements for STEP
  1. You must be a new, first-year student and received a Work-Study Financial Aid Award.
  2. You must complete two mandatory HCC workshops, including a Resume Writing Workshop and an Interview Preparation Workshop. The dates and times for all HCC workshops can be found in the “Events” tab on Handshake.
  3. You must update your resume based on the information you learn in the workshops.
  4. We highly encourage students to meet with a career advisor to have their resume and cover letter reviewed before applying.
Applying for a STEP Job
  • The STEP hiring process is competitive and obtaining a job is not guaranteed for all students.
  • All STEP jobs will be posted on Handshake as they become available. Students must complete both required HCC workshops to gain access to apply for a job.
  • Students who have met the eligibility requirements may apply for STEP jobs beginning Friday, September 25, 2020 at 12:00pm PT.
  • All job postings will close on Friday, October 2, 2020 at 5:00pm PT.
  • Students may apply to as many STEP jobs as desired, but students should apply to the jobs that best fit their qualifications.

If you have questions, please contact Lisa Caruso, Assistant Director of Career Education & Advising at

Will Career Services host events where I can meet potential employers?

Yes! The Employer Engagement team will schedule virtual employer recruiting events throughout the semester, including information sessions and video interviews. Check the Events tab on Handshake to find out which employers are recruiting at Oxy. Students who register on Handshake will be provided a link to the virtual event where employers will provide instruction on how to apply, interview dates, and more. Some—but not all—employer recruiting events will be recorded.

What is Handshake?

Handshake is the career exploration and job search platform available to all Oxy students and employers. Oxy students may access their Handshake account at any time and from anywhere in the world. Students can use Handshake to explore career options, find and apply to jobs and internships, and connect with employers. To learn how to use and maximize your Handshake experience, attend the HCC 101: Introduction to Career Services career education seminar.

Can I earn academic credit for a Spring 2021 internship?

Yes. If you have secured a paid or unpaid, remote or on-site internship you can earn academic credit by enrolling in Oxy's INT 100 or INT 200. An internship job description and offer letter are required.

Will the InternLA Program be offered for summer 2021?

Yes! Sophomores, juniors, and December-graduating seniors who meet the Hameetman Career Center eligibility requirements by March 25, 2021 are eligible to apply for summer 2021 InternLA opportunities.

Seniors (May 2021 grads) who applied for a 2020 InternLA internship may also apply this year. InternLA 2021 is not open to all May 2021 graduating seniors; it is only open to those who applied to InternLA in 2020, which was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Applications for the summer 2021 InternLA program are open from March 8, 2021 through March 26, 2021. 

HCC Program Eligibility Requirements by Class Year

In order to apply for 2021 InternLA internships, students must complete the following career education seminars:

Class of 2021 - May Graduates

  • No additional requirements if you applied for a summer 2020 InternLA internship.

Class of 2021 - December Graduates

  • HCC 101: Introduction to Career Services (formerly HCC 100 Part 1)
  • HCC 102: Introduction to Career Exploration (formerly HCC 100 Part 2)
  • Resume Writing Workshop
  • Interview Preparation Workshop

Class of 2022

  • HCC 101: Introduction to Career Services (formerly HCC 100 Part 1)
  • HCC 102: Introduction to Career Exploration (formerly HCC 100 Part 2)
  • Resume Writing Workshop
  • Interview Preparation Workshop

Class of 2023

  • HCC 101: Introduction to Career Services (formerly HCC 100 Part 1)
  • HCC 102: Introduction to Career Exploration (formerly HCC 100 Part 2)
  • HCC 200: Job & Internship Search Bootcamp
  • Resume Writing Workshop
  • Interview Preparation Workshop

Check your Handshake account to see which requirements you have completed.

  • Visit Handshake, click on your initials or avatar in the upper right corner, and select "My Profile." Scroll to the bottom of your profile and review the "Public Labels" section on the left side.
  • If you have not yet attended a required seminar you will not see the "Public Labels" section. Check back after you've attended your first workshop.

What industries are hiring right now?

The job market is unstable and organizations are making staffing changes based on available information related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Schedule an appointment with a career advisor to discuss the status of the job market.