Transitioning Club Leadership

Student Leadership, Involvement & Community Engagement (SLICE) wants to make the transition in club leadership be as easy as possible. Below you will find useful information to pass along to future club leaders or to refer to if you are that future club leader. 

Maintaining Recognition:

  • Clubs treasurers need to attend one of the annual treasurer trainings and afterwards take a quiz in the ASOC Finance Office. If there is a change in treasurer after just one semester, the new treasurer needs to attend the training at the beginning of their first semester

  • The club president (or an e-board representative) needs to attend an annual club leader training. If there is a change in club leadership, the new president needs to attend a training at the beginning of their term.

  • Update your officer roster on Presence upon election of your new officers. This keeps our records up to date and maintains your status as a recognized organization.

  • Club leaders are expected to find out when the training will take place. You can always check our event and training dates on Presence just visit SLICE and ask for the upcoming dates. If the club does not already have a shared email account, SLICE can set one up for you and you will receive reminders about the training. 

  • Transition your club on Presence when prompted to do so. All you need to do is log on to Presence (top right), then go back to the same icon and 'admin dashboard' appears as an option. Now you're in the admin portal. From there, go to 'Manage' -> 'Organizations' and click the three dots on the right side next to your org and choose "transition". Contact if you have any questions or contact the Presence support by clicking on the chat icon. 

Here are some worksheets to help you keep track of important info so you can pass it on to people who take over your org when you graduate. 

The SLICE PAs have been working with student organizations as members, club leaders, or through SLICE helping them plan events.  To help organizations continually improve their presence on campus and the efficiency with which they plan events, they've created these worksheets.  Feel free to download them, adapt them, complete them, and then share them with your incoming leadership.

  • Important Dates - summary of important club deadlines
  • Pass-on Advice by Position - words of wisdom to pass along for a leadership positions
  • Presence - the platform to keep track of members and officers during times of transition, but also to advertise your events. 
  • Club Account Info - have your club account number logged on this worksheet to pass from treasurer to treasurer
  • Budget Tracking Sheet - The stability of a club rests on strong financial planning.  Use this sheet to keep track of your club finances.
  • Event Program Calendar - log past and future events using this document
  • Vendor Information Sheet - pass along useful vendor information to future club leaders using this document.  It is especially useful if you have used a DJ, t-shirt guy, or other vendors that you know you would (or would not) want to use again.
  • Funding Tracking Sheet - track who has given your group funding in the past and for what projects