How do I fund my organization's projects?

Here are some ways you can get the money you need for your organization to operate. We recommend going through these in order as they tend to build on one another.

Tier 1 - Self Sustaining Funding

These funds provide the most flexible and reliable source of funding. They roll over from year to year.

  • Fundraising - bake sale, merchandise sale, car wash, etc. ASOC will help you purchase items you want to sell if you need. A popular way to collect revenue is to allow students to charge your items on their student accounts. See below for details.
  • Collecting membership dues
  • Getting donations

Tier 2 - Club Co-sponsorship

These funds are often limited in what they can be used for and unspent money often reverts to the originating organization.

  • Other student organizations - from their Tier 1 funds
  • ASOC - yes, this is considered a co-sponsorship - go to the ASOC Funding page for more information
  • Going in with other student orgs to request funds from ASOC

Tier 3 - Departmental Co-sponsorship

Departments have their own programming and services they need to use their money to support. Sometimes, they can help if you are planning an event that fits closely with their mission.

  • Academic Departments
  • Student Affairs Departments
  • Remsen Bird Fund - specifically for bringing speakers to campus and available through the Intercultural Community Center and the Office of Student Life.

Tier 4 - Closing the Gap

The Dean of Students office is committed to helping students reach a particular goal that may be otherwise out of reach. The Dean wants to see demonstrated efforts in each of the previous three tiers before they will consider contributing some of their limited money toward co-sponsorships. To apply for Dean of Students funding, contact SLICE for instructions.

Charging Student Accounts

Student Business Services provides the opportunity for individuals to charge their student accounts for purchases related to recognized student organization fundraisers. Charges collected will then be deposited in the student organization ASOC account. Please note that this is a service provided and can be removed without notice if abused. Below are the guidelines:

  1. Download the sign-up form from Student Business Services (labeled "SBS Account Charge Sheet - Student Club")
  2. Fill out the form completely. You must type in each entry. Handwritten account charge sheets will not be accepted.
    1. Suggestion: ask students to show their ID and then the club member types in the information -- prevents bogus numbers being entered.
  3. Minimum amount to charge = $5.00
  4. You will need separate sign-in sheets for separate fundraisers (e.g., 1 sheet for t-shirt sales; 1 sheet for ticket sales, etc.)
  5. Email your completed sign-in sheets to and within 10 business days after the close of your fundraiser.
  6. Your deposit should be processed and reflected in your student organization ASOC account within 10 business days after receipt.

Student Business Services reserves the right to refuse processing of student account charges if the above are not followed.