The Sophomore Experience

Newcomb Hall and E. Norris Hall are Sophomore Experience Halls for 2021-2022. Sophomores will live together with programming tailored to their unique experience. Sophomores may also apply to live in upper-division Themed Living Communities.

All residence halls include:

  • smoke-free environment
  • laundry facilities
  • meeting/gathering space

Newcomb Hall

Built in 1956, Newcomb is a Sophomore Experience Hall and consists of three floors which are gender inclusive. This building is made up of double and triple rooms.

Large lounge and TV room
Location adjacent to Booth Music Hall and close to Campus Dining facilities


E. Norris Hall

Constructed in 1966, Norris Hall provides students with the opportunity to live together in a suite set-up with four double rooms centered around a shared bathroom and air-conditioned common living room. 

Air-conditioning in common room
Large lounge and TV room