For Families

Letting your student move on can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you make that transition more succesful.

The process of selecting the type of environment in which a student will live is often a difficult one. The first year of college is full of transitions: leaving the family, adjusting to independence, and establishing new friendships. This year is the foundation upon which the student will build her or his college success.

Sometimes, families will choose their student's living environment. A family member may say "Live in the Quiet Community because it will help you settle in." We have often found that if this is not the student's choice, the student will not only be unhappy, but may also disrupt the purpose of that living area.

We suggest that you discuss with your student the type of living environment they would like to experience. After that discussion, we suggest that you allow your student to independently make a decision.

We appreciate your cooperation and assistance, and look forward to a successful year!