Apply to be an RA, request a room change or review your license agreement.

General Forms

Form Description
License Agreement* Your student housing contract. This online copy is for informational purposes only. 
Work Order Submit your work order requests. 
RA Application* RA applications are open, please submit by Dec. 8 at noon. Info sessions happening now! Check your email.
Return to Housing Complete this form if you are a student returning to Oxy from study abroad or a leave of absence, or if you would like to return to campus housing from living off-campus. Once you complete the form, you will be contacted with more housing information.

Room Change Request*

Room changes take place between the 3rd week of the semester. The application is located in eRezlife
Summer Housing Application Use this form to complete your Summer Housing Application. 
Register to Check Out Please register to check out by Friday, May 5th *seniors do not need to register

Room Draw Forms 

Form Description
Find a Roommate Form Please use this form to let us know what you are looking for in a potential roommate(s) for the upcoming year.
Proxy Form If you are unable to attend room draw, you must fill out the proxy form to have someone select your room on your behalf. 
3rd Year Live-Off Application Apply to live off campus during your third year. 
Senior Registration Form Rising seniors planning to live on campus must fill out this form to request housing. 
Transfer and Exchange Roommate Application Apply to live with a transfer or exchange student. 

Click here for the 2018-2019 Themed Learning Community (TLC) form 

Click here for the 2018-2019 Create Your Own Theme Learning Community (TLC) form 

Due February 27, 2018 by 5pm

Create Your Own Theme: This unique housing option allows students to build a living environment that interests them, by creating a theme and inviting other students to join in on this shared interest. This rubric will be used to make the determination in which Create Your Own Themes are selected.

Food Justice: Food Justice creates a community at Occidental College that fosters the development of sustainable food practices and instills awareness of the possibility of an environmentally conscious and socially aware lifestyle of eating and cooking ethically.  The tentative location for this community will be at 4863 Stratford Road.

Multicultural Scholars: The Multicultural Scholars community is a space in which students may openly discuss their differences and pluralistic identities with neighbors of different identities and backgrounds so that we may learn about our differences and celebrate them. The expre gained here are intended to prepare residents to lead and thrive in an increasingly globalized society, with an emphasis on social justice and service.  The tentative lcoation for this community will be Pauley Hall.

Queer Scholars: The Queer Scholars TLC aims to create a space for queer, LGBT+, non-heterosexual and non-cisgender students to explore their identity, foster intragroup solidarity, and create intentional programming for the Occidental College community.  Queer refers to any individual identifying as anything other than cisgender and/or heterosexual.  Any individual who does not align with hegemonic and normative sexual and gender identities are welcome to live  in this space. The tentative location for this community will be at Guest House, 1480 Campus Road.

Serenity Scholars: The Serenity Scholars TLC is intended to be a peaceful  a residential community where residents respect each other's need for a quiet environment.  To honor the rights of those who have selected this community, these expectations also apply to guests visiting the community.  The tentative location for this community is TBD.

Substance-Free: This healthy living housing option is intended for students that are willing to make a commitment to maintain a living environment free from tobacco (including smokeless), alcohol, and all other drugs. Students living in the substance free community do not have to agree to abstain entirely from the use of tobacco (including smokeless), alcohol and all other drugs, but they are not permitted to possess or consume them within the community. 

Women Scholars: The Women Scholars community will focus on developing a strong sense of community for women who want to live with other women.  This is a close-knit community that provides women with a safe space for discussion, communal living, personal development, and scholarship.  The tentative lcoation for this community will be at Berkus House, 1601 Campus Road. 

More information about these living options can be found on the Themed Learning Communities page. 

Additional Create Your Own Theme Forms and Information

TLC Resident Roster Template (Excel)

Please click on the link and download the TLC Resident Roster Template. Please remember that all Create Your Own Themes must have at least five alternates.

Advisor Agreement Form

Please download this form and review the document. Once your group has identified a dedicated Faculty Advisor, please send them the Faculty Advisor Agreement Form. Once the faculty member agrees, please have all the appropriate parties sign the form. Please email the signed form to Cari Ann Urabe, Assistant Director for Upper Division and Themed Living, at or drop it off to the Residential Education and Housing Services office in Berkus Hall by March 23, 2018, by 5:00 p.m.

Room Improvement Form

This form is no longer available. Please email for any questions.



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