Emmons’ Pledge to Students

As acts of oppression occur in the world around us, we at Emmons Wellness Center want to affirm our support of all students and community members. In an increasingly uncertain time, we pledge to respect and honor the diverse identities, beliefs and backgrounds of every person. We condemn discrimination and stand by individuals who are targets of aggression, microaggression, violence, threats of violence and expressions of hatred.

In the presence of intolerance and hate, we pledge to uphold the principles of inclusion, social justice, humility, shared humanity and multiculturalism. We believe in the empowerment of all people and support the work of students to challenge injustice and engage in peaceful protest. We acknowledge the tireless efforts of faculty, staff and administrators who act as allies for students and work to create spaces for social cooperation throughout the community.

Our fundamental goal is to respect you, to honor you and to hear you.

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